Biden is Told to Shut Up Forever…


During his 2020 presidential campaign, former vice president Joe Biden has made more mistakes than we can count. And no, I’m not just talking about simple blunders or gaffes, such as when he mistook his wife for his sister or when he couldn’t remember what state he was in. I’m talking about the ones that have really made waves.

You know, like when he told radio host of “The Breakfast Club,” Charlamagne Tha God that if he couldn’t figure out who he was going to vote for, “you ain’t black.” And while the mainstream media and most on the left have chosen to ignore these usually career-ending mishaps, Charlamagne isn’t one of them.

And according to a recent statement made by the radio host, Biden should “Shut the eff up forever!”

The sentiment was made on Friday after Biden accused President Trump the be the first racist president of the United States, in a town hall event on Wednesday.

Biden said, “We’ve had racists, and they’ve existed, they’ve tried to get elected president. He’s (Trump) the first one that has.”

But as Charlamagne points out, that’s a lie. In fact, 12 American presidents were even slave owners. And then you have to consider those like President Franklin D. Roosevelt who sent Japanese Americans to internment camps during World War II or Lyndon Johnson who repeatedly used the n-word and, and Woodrow Wilson who allowed the screening of “Birth of a Nation,” which is a pro-KKK film, in the White House.

I would also point out that all of those presidents were Democrats.

Charlamagne has already done a pretty good job of noting that Biden himself is even racist. After his ill-advised comment about not being black, as I mentioned before, and his subsequent accusations that the radio host had “baited” him into saying it, Charlamagne reminded us all of Biden’s not so anti-racist political career.

Among the many legislative moves of Biden that one could claim as racially motivated, his assistance of the 1994 crime bill stands out particularly well, as it has been perceived as the reason why the majority of America’s incarcerated populations are un-proportionately black.

And it for this reason that Charlamagne claims that America is “fed up with old white male leadership.”

He told his audience on Friday, “America is tired, ok? We’re tired and we’re fed up. And we’re really fed up with old white male leadership, ok? Old white male leadership has gotten us to this point. Old white male leadership has failed America.”

And according to Charlamagne, this isn’t just a criticism of Biden. No, Trump is part of this too. In fact, Charlamagne says that while Trump most certainly has not been the first racist president, “he’s just more overt in his racism than most presidents we’ve had in the past.”

But as the radio host implies, that doesn’t give Biden the right to call out Trump’s racism or claim that, as the vice president of America’s first black president, he isn’t racist either.

Charlamagne continued his rant on Biden, saying that as a Democrat, he isn’t the least bit excited for voting for him in November. Instead, he is just waiting for Biden to announce his supposedly black female pick for VP, so he does have something to look forward to.

“Joe, you’ve got to hurry up and announce your Black woman VP so I can be enthused about voting for her because I will never be enthused about voting for you and you know America is a terrible place when Kanye West seems like a viable option.”

And this sentiment doesn’t just belong to Charlamagne. In fact, I would wager that a grand portion of America’s Democratic left feels very similar. They aren’t excited about a Biden presidency. They are simply excited that we might not have a Trump one.

It doesn’t matter who Biden is or what he is for. And it obviously doesn’t matter that Biden is a racist, sexist, and a liar. No matter what he has said or done, they simply want him because he is currently their only shot. And he isn’t Trump.

Plus, it won’t even be him running the show. Biden has already stated that his VP would be doing all heavy lifting. And so long as it is a black woman, it won’t matter who she is or what she is for either. Because, once again, she isn’t Trump.

Hence, the Biden can “Shut the eff up forever” comment…


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