By the Skin of His Teeth, Kanye is in with Illinois


Kanye West is determined to be the next president of the United States. However, his planning is not the best in the world. He’s showing up late to the party, and it means that his name isn’t going to be on every state’s ballot in November.

Does that mean we won’t be able to have a Kardashian as our First Lady? Probably. That doesn’t mean that Kanye isn’t doing his best to make it happen, though.

Kanye has managed to get the petition sheets into the state of Illinois…four minutes before the deadline imposed by the Illinois State Board of Elections. What this means now is that the signatures will be counted. Then, there’s a challenging period – which means that people can lodge a reasonable objection to the candidacy.

A rapper who wears a MAGA hat? Yes, please. Who can possibly want to object to Kanye running for president? Well, there are probably countless Dems trying to figure out how to put a stop to it. They’re terrified that people would rather vote Kanye instead of Biden. Meanwhile, Biden is trying to figure out who Kanye is. He doesn’t get out of his basement much, after all.

So, if there are at least 2500 signatures on the petition sheets turned in and no objections are made by August 21, West will end up as an independent on the ballot for at least the state of Illinois.

Will he be able to get on any of the other states’ ballots? This remains to be seen. He has already missed quite a few deadlines for states, so there’s no way that he can make a clean sweep of the country.

Oklahoma doesn’t require signatures or petitions. Instead, they just require an independent to shell out $35,000 – and Kanye happily paid that money to ensure that his name is on the ballot there.

Oh, the birthday party is alive and well. Kanye may be late to the party but he is working hard to get his name out there. As a rapper who recently reached billionaire status and who has found God, he has a lot to say about politics and everything else.

Is Kanye actually serious? This seems to be the question that most people are asking. After hosting his first rally, it seems that he does have the ambition to be a politician. He has some thoughts on abortion (he’s against them) and prayer in school (he’s all for it).

Although it’s getting hard for Kanye to appear on the ballots, he has social media working for him. He has millions of followers. When he announced on July 4th in a tweet: “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States,” he garnered over one million likes. Will these translate into votes? Not all, but definitely some.

Does this mean Trump is out and Kanye is in? Not even close. He managed to meet the deadlines for his home of Illinois. He is in for Oklahoma. But those two states aren’t enough to even be considered competition. If anything, he’ll take votes away from Biden. Particularly black voters – and that’s why the Dems don’t want to see Kanye’s name anywhere near the ballots.

If we could have an actor (Reagan) as a president, an action star as a governor (Schwarzenegger), and a billionaire-turned-reality star (Trump) as a president, then why not Kanye West? It’s at least adding some entertainment to the country in a time when there’s not much to smile about.

Now that he’s managed to get into another state by the skin of his teeth, he’s one step closer to making sure that it’s everyone’s birthday – because, in the birthday party, everyone’s a winner. Oh, boy…here’s hoping that he can get his name on some more ballots if nothing more than for entertainment value.


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