Fed. Officers: ‘We Are Not Leaving The Building Unprotected’ Regarding Portland


It is the mark of every cowardly liberal to show a little force and then back off and let the other side win. If the liberals would show as much hatred towards violence that they have for conservatives, then crime would be a thing of the past.

But the truth is that they love crime and they love violence. That is a Democrats heritage. They tell people a lot of things, but when they fail to deliver on their word, violence erupts, and the Democrats fully fuel the fire.

But what is happening in Portland, Oregon is beyond simply violence. There is a battle raging for the future of the city and the country. If the crazy terrorists win the struggle, there will be more hotspots that will show up around the country.

This is one reason why the president refuses to remove the agents from the city until the violence comes to an end.

One federal attorney in Portland made the point that no agent is leaving until the people stop with their violent rampage. It is not the fault of the police that riots are happening.

It is the stubborn refusal of cowards to stop their crime spree. There is no longer an agenda behind the violence. It is a bunch of American hating thugs trying to topple government wherever they can.

Portland will be protected for as long as it takes. There are millions of people that need the protection of their federal agents. President Trump will not leave them to fall into the hands of the enemy. Billy J. Williams is the U.S. Attorney for Oregon.

He has promised that not one peacekeeper is going to leave until the war is won. If the city is tired of the agents being there, then it is time for the people to hand over the perpetrators.

Williams rightly stated that “It is not a solution to tell federal officers to leave when there continues to be attacks on federal property and personnel. We are not leaving the building unprotected to be destroyed by people intent on doing so.”

It is time for the people to stop crying and to start doing something to stop the BLM mafia from destroying their city.

Every night that there is a protest it turns into a riot. The Democrats are destroying Portland. They are calling for the federal government to pull out the troops so the violence will stop. They have listened to the terrorists.

What they will find is that the violence will only increase once the agents are removed. That is why they were sent to Portland in the first place. Portland’s mayor has to be in league with the organizers of the riots as he wants all police out of his area.

Federal agents are being sent to many cities around the country where the Democrats encourage the violence. The liberal’s version of police reform is to do away with them altogether and let wicked people pick apart law-abiding citizens. 200 officers were sent to Chicago after the liberal mayor came to her deadened senses.

The Democrats needed a reason to unleash the horrors of their politics. When George Floyd died, they had their reason. They sent out their thugs of the BLM to create trouble for the police and then blamed the police for the violence that followed.

This entire mess is centered around the race for the White House. The liberals stopped pushing COVID-19 in the media because that was not getting the reaction they hoped from the people.

President Trump puts up with a lot of stuff from the Democrats. His job would a lot easier if just a few liberals worked with him. They would find that he would address their concerns and help those that they are supposed to represent. But they hate him and want to have nothing to do with him.

All the president has done is to represent the wishes of the people of America. He has done what he promised he would do, and the liberals hate him for it.

Another four years of Donald Trump will mean great things for the country. The true heart of law enforcement is that they will not stop protecting the people of the United States.


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