Hannity: Democrats Have Been ‘125 Years of Swamp Failure’ (Watch)


The greatest failure found in America is not with the country or the people. It is found within the Democratic Party. All over the country, crime is on the rise in liberal controlled cities and states. There is not an end in sight. Democrats everywhere support and even praise the actions of anarchists and Black Lives Matter rioters. They have allowed them to set up zones of anarchy that become areas where murder goes unchallenged and crime is an everyday occurrence.

These zones continue to pop up in liberal states because the ones in power refuse to shut them down. It is only when the crime reaches their front doors that small amounts of action are taken. These cities have fallen to the crime lords of Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden. All of them love the news as innocent people are beaten and killed at the hands of the liberal bouncer.

The failure of Democrats was called out by Sean Hannity as took to the airways to expose the nastiness of people such as Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden. He stated that these three people have enough years in politics to span several lifetimes. He noted that “We have Pelosi. We have Schumer. We have Biden. 125 years of swamp failure.” Their failure has led to the deaths of many people over the past few months.

These three snakes are more dangerous than COVID-19 could ever hope to be. To sit back and watch as fellow countrymen are harassed, beaten, and killed without even a reaction is sickening. The swamp giants care more for the terrorist agenda than they do for the lives of American people. The same people that voted for them.

Hannity pointed out the hypocrisy of the three Democrats in question by stating “They have done nothing to quell inner-city violent crime anywhere in America, nothing to fix the broken dilapidated disgusting and repulsive educational system. They have failed America’s children. We have far left mayors. They have ruled these cities for decades. They have completely failed their citizens.”

America is at a boiling point. Conservatives and moderates are tired of the lazy left. All they do is sit on their backsides shifting funds around that they can later claim as their own. People are suffering and dying at the hands of the liberals and the Democratic leadership looks the other way. Instead of helping they want to make matters worse by defunding the police.

125 years of political experience has led to a failure on the account of three old Democrats. Hannity pointed out that 99.9 percent of the deaths in the areas controlled by Pelosi, Schumer and Biden are largely ignored. The only ones that are dealt with are the ones that gain them national attention. All of them pull out the murder file and scroll through them deciding which ones are their best chances of publicity.

The war to save lives is not just within one nationality. It spans the borders of America. Lives of American people are being lost because the sick Democrats will not act like Americans. Hannity stated that “They only talk about it, cherry-pick it if it fits their sick political agenda. Hundreds are shot in Chicago every single week. Same with New York, now Seattle and Portland.” If they can step on a person to get ahead, they will.

To the Democratic Party, people are simply a number on a file. As long as they do not have to put a face with the number they feel they can get away with murder. The war zone of America is found in every liberal controlled state. In most wars, it is considered a war crime to kill civilians and especially children. But in Democratic-run regions, killing a kid means the killer is a hero as long as the death was for a political reason.

Hannity busted the Democrats and exposed them as the failures they are as he stated “Democrats, they have failed America’s cities. Decades of rule, decades of failure…and as a result, our fellow Americans are suffering.” The party itself cannot even agree on major points of interest. Their time of rule is coming to an end and the country will be a better place.


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