Is it Over? Omar’s Opponent is Making Serious Strides


Kingdoms rise and fall. It’s a fact of history and life, and one that looks like will be happening very soon for the freshman congressional squad member Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

Omar, who represents the states 5th District, has built her kingdom on the lies of the left that have allowed her to purport the idea that, as a woman of both religious and racial minority, she is a victim and, therefore, entitled to ruining this nation that gave her the power she has.

But it appears that her radical ideas and notions have become too much for even the liberally ran city of Minneapolis, which makes up most of her district.

As the Star Tribune has recently reported, she has an opponent for this year’s election. And he is surpassing her with flying colors.

Enter Antone Melton-Meaux.

According to the Tribune, “Melton-Meaux, a mediation lawyer who emerged on the DFL scene late last year to challenge Omar, told the Star Tribune he raised a staggering $3.2 million between April and the end of June, with $2 million cash left in the bank before the Aug. 11 primary.”

The amount is “staggering” for several reasons.

The first is that this is a rather low-lying seat and one that rarely gets any competition. This is primarily because Minnesota, as a whole, but Minneapolis, even more so, is known to be a Democratic stronghold. Therefore, primary competition is regarded as nearly futile, as the seat is pretty much guaranteed to be won by a Democrat.

It is noted that even when there is competition in the primary, it is typically never seen on this grand scale, particularly when such a famous incumbent is on the ballot.

And that brings us to another reason why this amount matters so much.

Omar, as one-fourth of the liberal freshman group known as the squad, has gained much national attention over the last few years. As the Tribune notes, she “has risen to prominence as one of the first Muslim women elected to congress. Omar herself is a prolific fundraiser, fueled by her national profile and her unabashed criticism of President Donald Trump.”

However, during the same period in which Melton-Meaux raised so much money, Omar raised only a measly $471,624, according to the Star Tribune. Additionally, she has only $1,111,861 cash in hand left.

Political experts say that such an undeniable show of support for an incoming contender usually only happens when the incumbent has lost the complete faith of their constituents or is so embarrassing to the district that they would rather see them replaced, sometimes even with someone from a different party.

Is that what is happening with Omar? Has she become too embarrassing or unreliable to her constituents? It would certainly seem so, especially when we look at where most of Melton-Meaux monetary support is coming from.

As the Tribune notes, “The influx of money came, in part from some conservative donors and pro-Israel groups like NORPAC, which held a virtual fundraiser for Melton-Meaux in May. According to data from ActBlue, an online fundraising tool, a number of individual donors outside of the district contributed the maximum amount allowed in May. He’s also received donations from prominent Minnesota Democratic fundraisers such as Sam and Sylvia Kaplan.”

As you well know, the Somalian-born lawmaker has shown no love for the Jewish community in past years, often making anti-Semitic remarks and supporting movements that would destroy commerce in Israel.

And while Minneapolis certainly does have a robust Somalian community, most do not share her seeming hatred for those in the Jewish community, which also plays a large part in Minneapolis culture.

After all, most of the Jewish community, like that of its Somalian counterpart, strongly supports immigration and any legislation that makes becoming a part of American life easier for them.

It seems it’s really just Omar who has a problem with the Jews. And people are noticing.

Then again, they may also not be too impressed by her continuous and somewhat confusing love triangles or the way that she skims federal campaign money for her newest husband.

Now, of course, having more money in politics doesn’t always mean having more votes. But usually, it is a good indication of the ballot support one will receive.

And if this is any indication, Omar may soon be out of a job.


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