Mail Fraud is Just the Beginning of Democratic Trouble


Voting by mail is a Democrat’s best friend. It allows them to devise ways of increasing their voting totals without having to publicly answer for their crimes unless they are caught. As liberal regions allow mail-in voting technological issues are popping up and fraud rings are being discovered. Dead people seem to come back from the grave to vote for their favorite Democrat.

Vote-by-mail has serious issues. The latest cancer to show up has to do with ballot not getting to its location, slow service, and people not getting ballots because they have had their identity stolen.

Lying liberals know all of the tricks to steal ballots and bolster their campaign votes. Simply payoff some postal employees to deliver ballots late to Republicans and their votes are not counted because they end up being sent in late.

Massive budget issues also plague the postal service. Their solution to the problem is to allow the mail carriers to pick what they want to deliver so they can stay within budgeted payroll. The postal service can raise its rates, being a privately held company, but they have to have congressional approval to do it.

So, all the Democrats would have to do is deny them the rate increase to keep ballots from arriving promptly. These illegal actions are the problems with the liberals of the country. They cheat their way into the office.

When a box takes five weeks to get to its location, is it ever a wonder why people are worried about mail-in voting. But the postal service claims they can deliver the ballots on time.

A delay in delivery will also affect the Democrats, which only adds to their stress and complex they have. Candidates will be found sleeping by the mailbox waiting for ballots to show up.

Democrats love to complain. In New Jersey, where they rule. Liberals have let voting systems break down to the point that thousands of votes are not being counted. What the Democrats are doing is listing people as placing their votes but not allowing the vote to count.

Some people are registered to vote by mail, but the liberals are not sending them their ballots. Ramona Javier is a voter and she stated that “We did not receive vote-by-mail ballots, and thus we did not vote. This is corruption. This is fraud.”

In one instance it was reported that “the postman in West Virginia who admitted to altering ballots, the more than 100,000 ballots rejected in California and the thousands of New Yorkers who showed up to vote in person because they never received a ballot – despite the fact that over 765,000 absentee ballots were mailed at the request of the aforementioned voters.”

These are the things that the liberals want to see happen so they can win contested regions.

The Democrats want fraud to happen. Graham J. Noble has written that “The latest effort by the left is to promote mail-in voting, which obviously creates the potential for election fraud on a massive scale. Just as concerning, though, is the fact that the entire electoral process, if conducted exclusively by mail, is removed from the public gaze.”

If they can get the election out of the public eye, then they can do all sorts of illegal things to win.

Graham also mentioned that “Elections would become virtually secret affairs – bureaucratic procedures over which the public has no say and no control. Nothing is more fair, simple, and transparent than citizens going to a polling station, producing identification, marking their ballot paper, and putting it in the box. When people who claim to be defending democracy suggest a complete overhaul of the electoral process, Americans should be afraid. They should be very afraid.”

President Trump is the only control mechanism that stands in way of Democratic fraud at the ballot this year.

The president has threatened to veto bills if any attempt is made by the greedy left to press the vote by mail option. He knows the dangers of it and will not allow the country to be hijacked. He continues to live up to his promise to make American great.


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