Nation Wants Change Like it Did in 2016: Trump to Deliver


The American people have awoken to the threat that the Democrats have become to the sovereignty of the country. Their push to remake America in their image has not worked them in the past four years.

Popular Democrats are now fighting for their lives as new and more experienced contenders are stepping up to the plate. Republican citizens are taking back seats that have been terrorized by long-term Democrats.

The people of the United States want something new like they voted for in 2016. President Trump gave them that change and now he will do it again because the people love what he has done.

When Jeff Sessions lost his Senate seat he was humiliated by his challenger as they wanted something new. His defeat was a major victory for the president. Sessions was involved with some ridiculous things that took a toll on the work that the president was trying to accomplish in his first term.

When the president endorsed Tommy Tuberville, Sessions got the message. His time was up, and the country would be better off for the change. Tuberville was the change that the president wanted for the country.

Tuberville echoes the changes the president wants for the country. He stated that “There are people coming across the border that need jobs, okay, and we want them to come over here. We just need to know who’s here, okay?” Put the wall up, then we let them come in and become citizens like we all became citizens.”

This is the same philosophy that the president promotes. People that want into the country need to come in the way that all legal immigrants have done for decades. But the truth about the illegals is that they have no intention of being productive. They want to milk what they can from the greatness of the country and not give back.

The president saw in Tuberville what the people of America are calling for. It is the same calling that won the Trump the election in 2016. And now that same call is being yelled once again.

And the Democrats are not listening. The promises that President Trump is promoting are working well for him against crazy Joe Biden. People are also sick of the crime associated with the Democrats and people like Sessions.

They want people they can trust and believe in. President Trump has been tested and tried by a witch-hunt style mob. He was found to be an honest and upright man worthy to sit in the Oval Office.

Sessions lots in Alabama because people are sick and tired of career politicians sitting around fighting with each other and not getting the job done. President Trump got the job done. When Tuberville came along and promoted promises like President Trump, he won in a landslide victory. The people are talking and yelling what they want in a candidate and the president once again fits that mold.

Sessions is a picture of Joe Biden in November. There is too much corruption and confusion that surrounds Biden. In the end, it will cost him the election. Sessions was the same way. He had too many bad things about him that kept him from winning his seat back. The voters in Alabama want people like President Trump who is willing to push out the old Democrats and install fresh new Republicans that love America.

Bruce Alford is a cattle farmer in Alabama, and his words are the heartfelt desire of everyone. He stated that “I kind of want the new blood in, a little bit of change. The people of Alabama have spoken. They want a fresh face, a new leader in Washington.”

So, they voted Tuberville into the seat. That same speech is echoing around the country for President Trump. They want him to keep his place and be the leader of the country for another four years.

It will be a sad day for the Democrats that wasted their time in the House and the Senate. They will be licking their wounds when a hungry country votes their victor back into the White House for another four years.


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