Biden/Harris Urge Voters To Ignore What They Heard at DNC Primary


Pardon us for being old fogies but the period between the selection of a presidential candidate’s running mate and the start of convention season is a magical time. This is a time when political parties look to wave their magic wand and make people forget everything that they thought they knew. These parties develop a serious case of amnesia, expecting everyone else to do the same.

The primaries tend to become heated, leading to any number of unwanted confrontations. This is when things to be the most tense. Both parties are still trying their best to make a new name for themselves. During the heat of the moment, lots of things are said that are probably better left unsaid. The attacks that take place are tough for the recipients to get past but that’s our national tradition.

It happens every four years, like the Olympics (this year’s notwithstanding). Now that general election season is about to start, all of these attacks are supposed to be forgotten entirely. It’s all water under the bridge now and even if members of the same party were attacking each other before, they’re supposed to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya”.

This perfectly describes the dynamic between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the moment. These two launched all sorts of attacks against each other during the primaries. There were even moments when it looked like Biden might not win the nomination after all. Harris landed some fairly strong blows against the former vice president as well.

She was willing to point out many of his flaws when others were not. Now, they are doing joint interviews and pretending that none of these clashes every took place. They sat down with ABC News on Sunday to discuss the ins and outs of their campaign. To ABC’s credit, they were not about to ignore the elephant in the room. They wanted to know more about Harris and Biden’s relationship after the contentiousness of the primaries.

Harris’ sharp commentary on his voting record? That’s all forgotten now. At this point, discussions about such things are only a “distraction” and it is time for people to start moving on. According to Harris, any talks of these issues at the moment is “a distraction from what we need to accomplish right now and what we need to do.”

It all sounds so good, you forget how heated the earlier discussions were. Harris and Biden are great at this sort of thing. Anyone who wants to ask valid questions about statements from the past is just trying to offer up a distraction. Some may also remember that Harris offered up her endorsement of the Bernie Sanders Medicare For All plan. That’s all over with now, too.

“I signed on to that. I signed on to a number of bills that were about great ideas to fix the problem,” Harris said. She might as well be telling people that they shouldn’t even bother having their own memories and opinions. They can simply let the Democrats tell them what to think and feel. This is the same woman who stood in solidarity with Tara Reade when she made credible sexual assault allegations against Biden.

I thought she believed #Tara @ReadeAlexandra So now it’s ok since he’s making her his running mate? Well that was easy!

— MeredithBrooks (@MeredithBrooks) August 12, 2020

Reade wants an explanation as well but she’s not likely to get one anytime soon. Harris said that she believed Reade and that she wanted her voice to be heard. All of that went right out the window as soon as she was given the chance to serve as Biden’s running mate. And let’s be very honest here, her motivations go much deeper than that.

She has a chance to become vice president and there’s a nonzero chance that she’ll have her chance to sit in the big seat soon enough. If Biden wins, he has not shown much interest in serving beyond one term. Everything Harris said during the primaries was a lie and we are now seeing her true colors.


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