Biden is Just a Puppet and Sanders is the Puppet Master


Joe Biden is a carefully chosen puppet for the Democratic Party. He was their best chance at beating President Trump, so the Democrats had to go with him. He has been turned in to a puppet by past Democratic leaders and is being influenced by progressives.

There is a war brewing in the liberal party of America that is largely being ignored because it is going to destroy the Democratic Party once they lose.

This issue needs to be considered when voters head to the polls in a few months. Democrats are hoping that their voter base will vote for Biden. But in the back of their minds, they are hoping something happens to him.

Voters need to consider that if Biden is removed from being president for health reasons Harris will take over and Pelosi will assume her role.

What is shaping up to be a Democratic takeover within the party, Bernie Sanders is beginning to dictate the future of America. He is laying the foundation for a path to instituting a progressive America.

Democrats cannot keep secrets very well. Sanders has admitted that “We’re going to do everything that we can to elect Biden and — after he’s elected — move this country in as progressive of a way as we possibly can.” He is showing that he is one of the puppet masters controlling forgetful Biden.

Biden is the last plug that must be removed before socialism can flood the country. Or, that is what the liberals think. President Trump and the rest of the Republicans are really the ones that stand in their way. In a way, the Democrats believe they have already won the coming election.

For years the liberal universities have indoctrinated kids that socialism is better than a democracy. Sanders has set himself up as the grandfather of socialism in America. His views are appealing to lots of brainwashed young people.

It is not his age that connects with young people. It is the information and goals that he is promoting that they gravitate to because they have been taught it in the classroom by demonically controlled professors.

Sanders admits this atrocity by stating that “We have made enormous progress in bringing the American people in our direction, especially the younger generation.”

Sanders may have lost the nomination several times, but he continues to be more popular than that of Joe Biden. He was allowed to address the DNC which some see as a victory speech above all else. Sanders has his tentacles wrapped around Biden’s thick skull. He is pumping his forgetful head full of dangerous ideas that Biden is being told to promote to the rest of the Democratic voter base.

Sanders has stated that “On all of the ideas that we have been campaigning … understanding that health care is a human right, the need to raise the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour, the understanding that climate change is an existential threat, and that we can create millions of jobs (by) transforming our energy system.”

Another person controlling Biden is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She may not be the master, but she is a vice puppet master. The AOC is the product of Sanders’s attack on the youth of America.

He has brainwashed her into believing that money and finance is an enemy. But her views on how people should live is by far more dangerous than anything people can imagine.

This election year is about more than electing a new president. It has to do with the future of the country. Sanders will control the Oval Office with Biden in the chair. His socialist views will change the course of the nation and remove it as the place that people want to live and grow.

Sanders says “Our movement…is doing really quite phenomenally well. … We have elected extremely progressive…people who will become members of Congress who are gonna stand up and fight for working families and take on the 1% and the greed of the corporate elite. … So our movement has real momentum, and we are doing just fine.”

President Trump has warned of the dangers of Sanders. He will not let the old man ruin America. The vast majority of voters will not vote for his socialist views.

But they need to be aware of who it is that is controlling Biden. But all of their wishful thinking will come to an end when President Trump wins again.


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