Biden Leans Too Far Left: More Than Any Previous Dem Nominee


Dems have a tendency of being chameleons. They’ll be who you want them to be instead of being who they are. Most Dems start to learn progressively more to the right throughout their campaign because Americans don’t want anything too crazy.

Not Biden, though. He’s watching what’s happening in America from his little hidey-hole in Delaware. Instead of really watching, though, he’s looking at the protests. Oh, people want the left. Well, not really, Joe. Only a small portion of Americans are protesting and rioting. Only a small portion of Americans are far-left extremists who want to defund the police and change America as we know it.

At one point, Biden was considered a moderate Democrat. Given a stiff breeze, he could even be categorized as a centrist.

Not anymore, though. As we get closer and close to elections, Biden has shown that he’s capable of transforming himself into a completely new candidate. The question is, is this the presidential candidate that people want?

Biden is leaning further and further to the left. If he leans much further, he may very well tip over – and that’s what the Democratic National Convention is afraid of.

Sean Hannity, author of Live Free or Die, America (and the World) on the Brink) talked to Joel Pollak on the Breitbart News Sunday. Hannity explains, “We’ve never really seen this before.” He’s used to watching presidential candidates move a bit to the left or the right and, then, gravitating toward the center once again.

It seems that Biden’s new and extreme thoughts are at least getting him the spotlight. Whether it works for him in the polls is yet to be seen. However, Hannity isn’t too sure he likes what he sees. “When did you ever think a major party’s political candidate would talk about the police being the enemy?” Hannity goes into all of the talk regarding defunding police departments.

Meanwhile, Pollak talks about how Biden has made mention of American as “systemically racist.” That’s the platform that he’s running on, for better or for worse. He’s ready to call the entire country racist because that’s what the select few are saying. This is also coming from a candidate who, just a few months ago, was accused of being racist himself.

It’s as if Biden has had to change his platform and change who he is because he can’t get the vote otherwise. It’s also highly anticipated that he’ll be announcing Kamala Harris as his VP. She’s one of the loudest voices who has accused Biden of being racist. If he’s going to get American on board with her as the VP pick, he has no choice but to identify America as being systemically racist.

Pollak identifies that Biden repeats the idea that American is systemically racist every chance that he gets. “I’ve never seen a presidential candidate — a major party nominee — run against the country.”

As Pollak says, at least Obama had the sense to hide who he was until he got sworn in as president. Obama managed to play the game and fool a number of people. Biden is either being bullied into saying what he’s saying or he’s too senile to care what people think of him at this point in his life. Either way, a far-left presidential candidate typically doesn’t do too well in the polls.

What’s happening right now, though, is that Biden is leading in the polls. For now. He’ll continue to lean to the left because he thinks it’s what Americans want. He’s relying on the wrong polls. At some point, he’ll lean so far to the left that it will be impossible for him to recover.

It’s Biden versus the United States. If you love the country you’re in, you’ll vote Trump because a vote for Trump is a vote to Make America Great Again. If you hate the country and everything that happened throughout our history, you’ll vote for Biden. Because a vote for Biden is a vote to change everything as we know it.


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