China Stepping up “Re-Education”, Builds 268 New Concentration Camps


With the usage of satellite imagery, Buzzfeed has conducted an extensive investigation of the Chinese Communist Party. In the western province of Xinjiang, a massive number of re-education camps are being built. The camps themselves are also rather sizable, holding up to 10,000 people. Over 260 structures like these have been constructed since 2017.

They have all of the hallmarks of any fortified detention compound. In this region, there is at least one camp in every county. These systems are used for the incarceration and detention of various minorities. Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other Muslim minorities are targeted by the Chinese. The large scale detention of ethnic and religious minorities has not been seen on this scale since World War II.

The Muslim communities have been being re-educated since 2018. Initially, the re-education took place at schools that had been repurposed. Now, China has constructed hundreds of structures that are designed to look like a prison. The early sites did not look nearly as foreboding as these, which have already been compared to a prison site.

The structures are believed to be similar to the high security prisons that exist in other areas of China. The cavernous layouts allow for very little light to enter the buildings and each structure contains long networks of corridors that house a number of cells. Buzzfeed was able to obtain information about the layouts by taking photos of buildings without roofs.

They also relied on historical satellite photos that were taken during the construction process. In order to deduce the scale of these buildings, the researchers carefully counted the windows and measured each of them. One of these camps is believed to be large enough to hold 40,000 people. This is the same size as the town of Niagara Falls.

China’s official line on these camps was a predictable one, for sure. They are not going to come right out and say what they are doing. There’s no real reason to at the moment. If the world is looking in their direction at all, they are more worried about the global pandemic that they are responsible for. That’s one of the many reasons why this project has gone under the radar entirely.

They are being referred to as “vocational centers” and China is claiming that they are looking to rehabilitate those with violent ideas. In all reality, the people who are sent to these camps are shipped off for a number of different reasons. China does not really have to explain themselves here if they do not want to. Those who are held in these locations are given a list of 70 crimes to choose from.

After that, a “trial” takes place and they are always found guilty. Anyone who refuses to confess their “crime” is told that they are never going to leave until they make a decision. If you would like to learn more about these conditions, you’ll want to check out the Buzzfeed report in full. Part one focuses on all of the basic information.

Part two is where things start to get truly chilling. This is when Buzzfeed took the time to speak with various residents of these camps who were able to escape. They were all indoctrinated while they were there and fed all sorts of communist propaganda. These are things that we have already known for years but apparently, there are still some people out there who needed to be told. The truly worrisome part is that China is looking to make these camps permanent.

Of course, the Chinese media outlets are working overtime to make sure no one gets too worried. They have even released a clip from a man who spent time in one of these facilities. He claims that this time there was very helpful, as he was able to mend his ways and stop committing acts of terrorism. It all seems a bit too convenient to us but you’ll just have to read the report and watch the video for yourself.


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