Democrats are Using Socialist Tactics to Target Free Americans


The Californian Democrats have crossed a line that shows their attitudes on how they treat people. They mostly believe that people generally do not have the ability to make the right decisions or take care of themselves. They think that the government should be the entity that makes decisions for people. Their philosophy of how they view people dictates their policies and their actions.

The push for a socialist method of control has been reached in Los Angeles. The mayor has decided that if people do not do precisely what he commands them to do, he will turn off their power. He will force them to roast in the heat of Southern California.

His insane methods of controlling COVID-19 and stopping the spread led him to take harmful action towards people. He gave the order to shut down the power to some homes because one residence was having parties and not obeying the lockdown orders.

Eric Garcetti is the devilish Democrat that ordered the power shutoff. No one in the city is to have large gatherings, but these party goers are tired of the insane orders of the paranoid. The mayor stated that “Despite several warnings, this house has turned into a nightclub in the hills, hosting large gatherings in flagrant violation of our public health orders.”

The Democrats are using the privilege to punish people. There is now nothing stopping him from forcing them to obey or agree with him to get food. His line of thinking leads right down into a socialist-style of ruling.

In a weird way, the mayor believes he is protecting the city for any viral outbreak because he shut off the power to a few homes. It is the same process that the wacky Newsom did to control wildfires. He shut off power to homes to people who could not use their air conditioners.

The city justified its illegal actions by posting notices that power would be shut off if the parties did not stop. Socialists punish people to force them into compliance. The mayor went on to tell people that they needed to social distance with each other.

He stated a lie when he said “[If] we wish to reopen more businesses, return our kids to school, or get back to our normal lives, we must continue to wear masks, wash our hands frequently, and as we’re emphasizing today, avoid gathering with others. All of these actions save lives.”

One home is not going to make that big of a difference. The more significant issue is that the monstrous mayor thinks that people cannot think through issues enough to do the right thing to protect their health. His order to shut down the power was perfectly timed as he wanted to teach the public a lesson in obedience.

He shut off the power during the worst heatwave that the region had seen in a long time. It was no longer about teaching these people a lesson. It was about showing the whole population what will happen to them if they do not comply with their new lord’s weird wishes.

The public wants to know who is going to be the next target of the Gestapo. The idea that people need to shut down to open up was a philosophy that was used in March to control the spread of an unknown virus. But now that people know a lot about it, there is no need to take drastic actions.

The problem with what the mayor has stated as who will be targeted is that the law is not clear. He purposely left it open to interpretation to use the law to target people who disagree with him.

Los Angeles is in the hands of one of Satan’s minions. He is going to control people by force and will make examples of people that refuse to comply. Welcome to the new concentration camps. Democrats are forcing harm onto people. This is the current day America. It is a picture of what the country will be like if the Democrats win the next election.


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