Dems’ New Normal! Seattle Protesters Sealed Precinct Doors With Concrete Before Setting Fire With Officers Inside


This group may not be the most competent but their willingness to engage in acts of pure evil knows no bounds. Last night, a group of Seattle protesters decided that it was time to set a police precinct on fire. Before doing so, they attempted to seal all of the doors, so that the officers would be trapped inside and burned alive.

The attacks began at Cal Anderson Park, where a large group of protesters had already assembled. Their march took them to the western precinct when it first began and they would later make their way to the eastern precinct. The West Precinct was surrounded with cement barricades by the city over the summer, as a means of protecting the autonomous zone that was established there.

The Seattle Police Department was spray painted with “burn me” messages, the crowd threw various objects at the building and surveillance cameras were damaged. According to various reports, an empty Seattle Police Department was set on fire. By the time the bus was found, it was smoldering and the windows appeared to have been shattered.

The protests took place without a visible police presence. As soon as the fires started in the precinct, the police sprung into action. The crowd was ordered to disperse, as the officers arrived in armored vehicles. “This is no longer a peaceful protest. You are endangering people’s lives,” an officer warned the crowd. The videos are terrifying to watch.

We can’t imagine how citizens who were not involved in the protests must have felt. As the fire was being set, the protesters were taking a batch of concrete and using it to seal the doors shut. The police did not have to worry, though. The crowd was too incompetent to get the job done. They are said to have combined water and cement mix in a bucket but the mixture was too runny to actually work.

At #seattleprotest tonight, demonstrators sparked a fire at the East Precinct

— Alexa Villatoro (@okrrrralexa) August 25, 2020

They also destroyed the electronic key card entrance in the doorway. The officers who were inside at the time were able to escape the burning building and disperse the protesters. If the protesters were a bit less dim, this could have been a truly tragic situation for the officers inside. The photo of the door says it all. How could they have possibly expected this to work?

#BREAKING: Seattle Rioters Used Concrete To Seal Police Precinct Door Shut In Effort To “Burn Officers Alive”: Report

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) August 25, 2020

One arrest was already made on suspicion of arson. If we had to guess, we would have to assume that the authorities will be asking them if they know who is responsible for sealing the door with concrete. They had better pray that their accomplices live by the “snitches get stitches” ethos or things could get very ugly for the protesters very quickly.

Meanwhile, in Portland, their protesters are receiving “warnings” from their liberal mayor about these types of actions. The rioters were told that they should not engage in arson (or attempt to seal officers inside). Ted Wheeler let them know that this would lead to an attempted murder change. While his intentions were not pure, that’s better than nothing.

And nothing is what Mayor Jenny Durkan has done up to this point. She encouraged the autonomous zone and that ended badly. Her city’s police chief has already resigned, leaving her to deal with this horrific mess by herself. She doesn’t seem too worried about it. Is she going to say the same to her city’s citizens or is she going to remain silent?

It’s a question that definitely needs to be answered as soon as possible. Seattle and other liberal cities do not want the federal assistance that the president has to offer. If they are unable to get the violence under control, it won’t be long before the choice is no longer theirs. The protesters are no longer looking to spread the word about their chosen causes. They are out for blood and it is only a matter of time before they are met with similar violence.


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