Hilarious! DNC Gets Slammed for Giving AOC Just 60 Seconds at Convention


The Democratic National Convention is fractured to its core with progressive socialists fighting with old-time Democrats. Their views on how to destroy the country differ greatly from one another. And now it seems that both sides have their favorite pick for a presidential candidate.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was looking forward to having come speaking time at the upcoming convention. She had planned to address the DNC in a video and in person. She is drunk with power and was hoping to be able to nominate her favorite grandpa Bernie Sanders ahead of Joe Biden.

The Democrats are truly hating the progressive monsters that they have created. Their consistent brainwashing of kids for decades have led those kids to drift far to the left of their destructive political parents. Progressives are raving made for power that they are blasting the convention for limiting Ocasio-Cortez’s time.

The DNC cut back the whelps speaking time to just 60 seconds. The death squad’s leader was hoping for lots of time, but she will have to settle for just a few seconds. Her plans to overthrow established leadership will just have to wait.

The Democrats control the future of their party. If there is a candidate that they do not want to have in leadership, they have a way of phasing them out. They simply do not want the moldy AOC to take center stage and pushing her insane ideas on the country that is ready to abandon the DNC altogether.

Instead of allowing the poisonous AOC time to flush the party down the toilet, they are giving people like John Kasich and Michael Bloomberg her time. They would rather have a person like Bloomberg, who has stated that old people need to die, more time.

His deadly views are not as dangerous as those of the AOC. The convention is only going to allow the sick worm a one-minute time slot to air her poisonous video designed to put down the freedoms that define the country.

The bogus media presents the AOC as some kind of iconic hero. But all she has proven to be is a fake greedy little girl that needs to be disciplined by mommy and daddy Obama. She states about her video time that “I only have a minute. Sixty seconds in it. Forced upon me, I did not choose it, But I know that I must use it. Give account if I abuse it. Suffer if I lose it. Only a tiny little minute, But eternity is in it.”

Kasich and Bloomberg are more in line with the beliefs of mainstream Democratic beliefs. But the AOC is so far away from that center point that she is a danger to herself and others around her.

The AOC is full of middle school drama. She opens her life up as some kind of soap opera drama that makes people puke when it comes on. She cried about her airtime as she would mention that “REPUBLICAN John Kasich is getting more time to speak at the DEMOCRATIC national Convention than @AOC. That is all.”

One of her progressive worms, Nabilah Islam, would respond to the drama “Hey at least AOC is getting a 60-second ad during the intermission at the Kasich Bloomberg Show.” Ocasio-Cortez needed her girlfriends to console her after the devastating news that the DNC dumped right before the liberal prom.

She believes that what she is bringing is the most important thing that everyone needs to hear. Her arrogant and prideful attitude believes that whatever anyone else has to say is worthless. But after all, the entire convention is going to be done virtually so who knows how many people will actually care to watch.

The DNC is bringing a whole line of criminals to speak to the ungrateful Democrats. Obama and the Clintons are set to show up as well. A virtual DNC is just what the crime lords have ordered. So they would not have to come out of hiding and risk being arrested by federal agents as they enter the complex.


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