ICE Targeted by Protesting Illegal Loving Anarchists


Over the last several months, ICE agents have been branded as an enemy of humanity. People that love illegals and the violence that they engage with have taken to the streets to try and keep ICE from doing their job. But even with violent intentions coming from the protestors, ICE agents have kept cool under the stress and kept from harming any of the people stopping them from arresting illegal criminals.

Bend, OR was the latest battleground between the forces of good and the lovers of violence. ICE had taken into custody two people that were clearly a “threat to the public.” Instead of cheering on the agents, people took to the streets and blocked the agents from protecting the community.

What is really shocking about the battle was that the country District Attorney John Hummel came and joined forces with the illegals. He would say that “I’ve never been so disgusted by my government and so proud of my community.” But what is truly disgusting is his actions that were against the security of the United States.

For two hours the liberal nutcases blocked the ICE buses from leaving. In order to keep the peace, the ICE agents decided to release the criminals into the hands of those that they would soon victimize.

ICE agents have nation-wide jurisdiction to move into any area and arrest illegals. The Bend Police Department stated that “The Bend Police are not involved with ICE operations. We do not use funds or personnel or equipment to enforce federal immigration laws or to detain people based on immigration status…We are on scene to allow free speech and a peaceful area to assemble and to provide life safety support.”

Their own statement is true in that the local police do not have to use their resources to find illegals. ICE uses its own funds to find the illegals that terrorize innocent Americans. Federal agents are there to keep law and order.

Ken Cucinelli is the acting DHS Deputy Secretary and he stated that “The law enforcement activity in Bend, Oregon is part of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s mission to arrest criminal aliens presenting a danger to public safety and take them off the street. The two individuals arrested each had a history of criminal violent behavior.”

Bend residents sided with the criminals and turned their backs on innocent people of Bend, OR. Once an illegal is arrested their safety becomes a priority of the federal agents. For all the agents knew, the illegals could have been harmed once they were released.

Sally Russell is the mayor of Bend and she was informed that ICE was coming to get these two people. instead of doing nothing, she should have ordered Bend police to disperse the crowd and let ICE do their job to secure her city.

She sided with the illegals and stated “I am very worried for everyone in our community, and especially our Latinx community. ICE is a Federal agency and frustratingly we have no power over the Executive Branch of our country.”

The Bend police could not interfere or help ICE. For some reason, they were ordered to protect the protestors. The police were ordered to keep ICE from taking any action against the people. So, the police were to go to battle against their brother and sisters of the law.

The push to defund police and abolish ICE is just the latest attacks that are coming from the loony left. Democrats have sided with the criminals and they are proud to let the world know that fact. The biggest enemy to ICE is none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She alone has pushed hard to get rid of ICE without fully knowing what their mission is all about.

President Trump supports law and order. He alone gives federal agents what they need to do their job which is to protect and serve the people. he continues to fight for Americans and has the desire to continue to keep America great. ICE agents need the support of local law enforcement. But the liberals continue to turn their backs on Americans.


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