Kamala Harris Gets Crowned Miss Congeniality


Joe Biden has been saying all along that he wants someone he can be “simpatico” with. Kamala Harris, the same person who once called him a racist during a debate, is apparently who he would describe as likable and easy to get along with. Interesting.

Biden says that he had a genuine relationship with Obama. Therefore, he wanted the same for his running mate. And, now that he has officially named Kamala Harris as the VP for his ticket, there’s clearly more of a relationship there than anyone originally anticipated.

Let’s be realistic. Kamala Harris checks a lot of boxes that show that she’s going to get some votes. She’ll make the first female, first Black, and first Asian American vice president. It was a smart move. She’s 55 to his 77.

Joe Biden wrote, “I need someone working alongside me who is smart, tough, and ready to lead. Kamala is that person.”

She may bring more brains and energy to Biden’s campaign, but it’s still up for debate as to whether she can bring that simpatico feeling that he’s wanted all along. As Trump put it, she’s been nothing but “nasty” and “disrespectful” to Biden – which is why he was so surprised to see that he picked her.

So, there are a few questions that are looming. Did Biden pick her or did someone pick her for him? Does Biden even remember all of the nasty and disrespectful things she said to him when she was fighting for the same position that he now has? It was only a few months ago that Kamala Harris was fighting to be the head cheese on the DNC ticket. Now, she’s being forced to play second fiddle to someone she once thought was guilty of inappropriately touching multiple women.

Now, in a tweet, Kamala Harris has said that she’s honored to be the nominee for Vice President and that Joe Biden can “unify the American people because he’s spent his life fighting for us. And as president, he’ll build an America that lives up to our ideals.”

It’s amazing how quickly she’s able to change her ideals in order to get into the White House. She’s ready to forget all that she was just to be able to make it into the position of VP, knowing that, if elected, Biden may not make it the full four years. His health is declining and the position of the president can take a lot out of a person.

Maybe Biden is hoping that she can teach him a thing or two. Maybe he admires her for standing up to him in the debates. While Harris has never been considered friends with Joe Biden, she was friendly toward Biden’s late son, Beau, when he worked as the attorney general in Delaware. Perhaps Biden is holding onto hope that if his son was friends with her that he, too, can be friends with her.

Biden said this of Harris: “She’s been a fighter and a principled leader and I know because I’ve seen her up close and I’ve seen her in the trenches.” This is basically a nice way of saying that he’s seen how she can battle. It may be one of those instances where it’s best to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

It may be that Joe Biden has made an epic mistake and handed the presidency to Trump for another four years. In an effort to focus on finding someone who he can be “simpatico” with, he also ended up choosing someone that many describe as “basically a cop.” Since so many Dems are anti-police right now, they view Harris as the enemy.

That’s fine. Trump/Pence is the GOP ticket for 2020, and it’s a relationship built on balance to ensure that the country gets what it needs. It has nothing to do with getting along and being simpatico, showing that Trump is being more realistic about needs.


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