No History Until it can be Rewritten for Chicago Schools


American history is in trouble in the state of Illinois as liberal leaders are on the move to rewrite history to reflect their sad little beliefs of equality. The laughable school board is being told that American history is extremely unfair the way it is told.

They desire to not teach history until they can come up with a more tolerable version that includes all the sick groups that have formed because of the terrible toleration of liberals around the country.

The move to rewrite history is the only way the liberals can indoctrinate the next generation to accept their destructive views. Allowing the liberals to change the truth is a sick way of branding the Republicans as the enemies of the country.

The sick claims of the Democrats that the current version of history is racist is simply ridiculous. The version that is being taught is truthful and tells only the facts of what happened.

The version that the liberals want to tell is based on feelings. And when their feelings change so will the history they want to tell. LaShawn Ford is a Democrat that is pushing for the removal of the current version of history.

All he sees is “white privilege” on every page of history. His desire is to stop teaching history altogether until the version that he wants to be taught is accepted.

Fanatical Ford has stated that “When it comes to teaching history in Illinois, we need to end the miseducation of Illinoisans. I’m calling on the Illinois State Board of Education and local school districts to take immediate action by removing current history books and curriculum practices that unfairly communicate our history.”

Ford is just mad because he flunked history. He wants a version that removes the American heritage that is intertwined throughout the pages of the current textbook. He wants to brainwash kids to make them Democrats.

He stated that “Until a suitable alternative is developed, we should instead devote greater attention toward civics and ensuring students understand our democratic processes and how they can be involved.”

One area mayor was a coward and could not take a stand has he refused to rebuttal the insane idea. He simply stated that history is not his strong subject.

The mayor simply stated that “Personally, I support House bill 4954 because I am interested in learning more and believe the history of Black people should be taught to all children and include all groups, Women, LatinX, and Native Indians who helped to build America.”

There are already textbooks that teach about the various groups that have built America. But that is not good for these patronizing Democrats. If it is not their version of history, then they are just not interested in listening.

The demonic Democrats believe that history teaches kids to be racist, but history tells them of the failures of the past and what it took to make things right. To not teach history is to doom a generation to repeat the mistakes from other generations.

Meleika Gardner of We Will has stated that “It is urgent that it comes to an end as we witness our current climate become more hostile,” Gardner said. “Miseducation has fed and continues to feed systemic racism for generations. If Black History continues to be devalued and taught incorrectly, then it will call for further action.”

She might as well teach that terrorism is an accepted form of protest to teach that BLM is the model way to protest.

The Democrats fail to understand that there is one race in the world and that is the human race. Various colors make humanity unique and precious.

But the lousy liberals teach kids that color should divide people and cause them to hate each other. As the violence grows the liberals get bolder and push the violence into the streets.

President has the only workable plan to keep America great. And part of that plan is to teach the truth to the next generation. Any version that takes away from what makes America great is to take away from the American dream.


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