Oh, So the Seattle Mayor Wants the Police, Now


Seattle can’t figure out what they want. That’s what happens when a city is run by a wishy-washy Democrat, though. Jenny Durkan handed her city over to CHOP for a while, only to find out that anarchy may not actually be the way that she wants to lead the city.

Now, as the Seattle City Council decides that they want to slash the city’s police budget in half, she wants to fight. Durkan has actually teamed up with the police chief as a way to fight back.

Oh, how times have changed. It just takes some violent rioting and murders to wake the Democratic mayor up to the reality that the police really do have a positive impact.

The only problem is, she may have woken to the problem a little too late.

The Seattle City Council has big plans. They’d like to cut as many as 100 officers. Durkan, though, doesn’t believe that is the way to go. She knows that it took each and every officer in the city to clear out CHOP. Getting rid of that many police officers through attrition and layoffs would be detrimental. Crime rates would be sure to spike.

With all the civil unrest happening in the country, crime is on the uptick. And it’s through having the necessary police officers in the streets that will help to control the crime.

But, the Seattle City Council has different plans.

Seattle isn’t alone. There are about 10 other major cities in the country having terrifying debates about such things, too. Many want to defund the police – and of course, those cities are run by Dems who don’t know what they want.

Defund or fund…it’s really come down to this.

In Seattle, the mayor and the police chief are pushing back. On Monday, a key vote will be happening that would cut about $3 million out of the Seattle Police Department’s budget. For a city like Seattle, that’s a significant amount of money – and it will surely be felt when it comes to keeping citizens protected.

The protesters, of course, want more. They want to see a cut by half – within the number of officers as well as the budget itself. That cannot happen – and there are too many who are willing to fight.

When did the protesters get to call all of the shots? There are over 700,000 residents in Seattle – and there are only hundreds of protesters. So much for democracy.

Seattle’s council wants to see an elimination of quite a bit: mounted patrol, school officers, public affairs department, and the navigation team.

The Seattle Police Chief, Carmen Best, has criticized the council because they never once contacted her to find out how the cuts would affect the city. It just proves that, clearly, the council wants what they want without thinking about the residents of the city. She says that the council has created “large-scale changes” and has “no practical plan for community safety.” She calls it “reckless.” The Seattle Police Officers Guild is looking to put pressure on the council by asking residents to sign a petition – and there have been over 150,000 signatures opposing any kind of defunding plan.

Mayor Durkan also explains that the layoffs that the council is asking for would actually lead to a less diverse SPD.

The protesters are demanding deep cuts in the police department. Meanwhile, polls are showing that the majority of residents are against the deep cuts. This means that the vote on Monday will determine whether Seattle is heading toward totalitarianism where the council will dictate what’s best or if the residents still have a say, keeping the democracy in place.

What happens in Seattle will serve as a warning for the rest of the country. It will show whether the Dems are capable of thinking on their own or if they’re going to give in to the whim of the protesters.


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