Sound Advice: Trump Tells NRA How to Beat NY AG’s Lawsuit Against Them


The liberals of New York have always hated the fact that the National Rifle Association even exists. Their nasty attacks on the NRA has been ongoing and relentless. The New York Attorney General’s office has found a new area of attack and that is to accuse the executives within the association of using millions of dollars for their gain.

The Attorney General is claiming that the NRA has committed fraud, so they are suing them to prove their case. They aim to permanently dissolve the beloved organization. The lousy liberals need the NRA to dissolve so they can continue their attack on the right to bear arms in America.

President Trump is all about freedom. He is in full support of the right to bear arms. But he is not in favor of the liberals trying to take down a place that supports the right to own guns.

President Trump has suggested that the NRA move their headquarters to the state of Texas where everyone owns a gun. The terrible attacks by New York liberals would disappear and they could then get on with protecting gun rights in America.

The NRA is a great place that teaches people of all ages how to safely use and operate weapons. The Democrats have them so much because they are teaching people how to defend themselves from invaders such as the liberals. The accusation from the liberals regarding fraud is simply another way they are trying to tear down the association.

The president was very vocal about the ridiculous attacks when he stated “I think the NRA should just move to Texas and lead a very good and beautiful life. …Texas would be a great place and an appropriate place for the NRA… They’ve been absolutely decimated by the cost of that lawsuit and it’s very sad but I would suggest that that’s what they should be doing.”

His words of wisdom would provide a long future for the NRA. There would be no more attacks from New York liberals because they could not touch them. Letitia James is the devil in disguise that is bringing the lawsuit for the state. In her mind, the NRA executives have been diverting money from charitable funds to be used for their practices.

The Attorney General’s office stated that those involved created “a culture of non-compliance and disregard for internal controls that led to the waste and loss of millions in assets and contributed to the NRA reaching its current deteriorated financial state.” James’ opinion is based on a biased belief that the NRA is anti-American.

The NRA is as about American as a place could get. They support freedom and the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. They promote gun ownership and an educational program for them to be used safely.

Those pressing for the charges want the organization to dissolve completely. It is not enough to target those involved, which would solve the problem assuming it is true. This is an attack to bring down an organization that supports freedoms in the country.

The liberals see the NRA as a roadblock in their path to total dominance. This is nothing more than an all-out attack on freedom. The lawsuit is gaining national attention but is driving support for the NRA.

Attorney General Morrisey of West Virginia stated that “While others engage in a crusade to destroy the Second Amendment, West Virginia will remain very supportive of gun rights and will treat gun organizations fairly under the laws of our state. We invite all national gun groups and gun manufacturers to consider relocating to the Mountain State and working with my Office to protect gun rights for citizens in West Virginia and across our nation.”

People love their freedoms and when the liberals move in to take them away, safe havens pop up for those being attacked to come and find relief. Liberals hate America, they hate the president and they hate guns. These three things are always under attack. But America is great because there are people like President Trump that are willing to stand in their way to keep America great.


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