Trump Warns That it Can Take Years to Count Mail-In Ballots


For over a year now the deceptive Democrats have been pushing for people to be able to vote by mail. Their push is based solely on the notion that they are going to need extra votes to win in November. They know that their time is up, and President Trump has his hands around their throats. The coronavirus is their last hope to take back the Oval Office because it gives them a cover to commit mail fraud.

The Democrats have already had several of their mail fraud centers found and shutdown. The send out ballots to people that are willing to fill them out. The ballots are those of people who have been dead for years. The Democrats have contacts that take the ballots and vote Democrat in the name of the deceased.

President Trump also warns that if some states like Nevada send in ballots by mail, then it could take several years to figure out the results. The president points out that the infrastructure needed for such an endeavor just does not exist. The snail mail system is not adequate enough to facilitate a mailing of such magnitude.

In New York, one congressional primary mail-in-voting took several weeks to complete. To complete. A national mail-in-voting method would take years. The Democrats want a slow count, they want to drag out the results for as long as possible. This way there would be no president in office stopping them from operating illegally as a political body.

The state of Nevada has been invaded by the leftist clowns that want to expand mail-in-voting. The president and the Republicans have filed a lawsuit against the state to keep them honest in the upcoming election. The president said it best when he pointed out the fraud of the Democrats by saying “What they’re going to do is blanket the state. Everyone who ever walked is going to get one.”

Old Hillary Clinton has tried to prove that the president just wants to stand in the way. But she is just upset about losing in 2016. The media is also doing their job to push for this type of voting by confusing absentee ballots with just sending a normal ballot by mail. Liberals hope the confused voter will pressure things towards their way of thinking.

President Trump has cleared up the media’s attempt at confusion by saying “Absentee is OK because you have to go through a process. They have an infrastructure that’s taken years to build.” Florida has once again paved the way to show that absentee ballots take time and a massive infrastructure to handle the ballots. But the current national system cannot even handle absentee ballots.

Liberals use fear to scare people into believing that by voting they will contract the coronavirus. But do not forget about mask-wearing. The Democrats have pushed everyone’s face into a mask telling them that this is the only way to protect people. So now it is time for them to live up to their statements and let people out to vote while wearing a mask.

Live voting is the only way to make sure liberals cannot cheat the system. It’s a low blow that the liberals are hitting with by using coronavirus as the excuse to cheat. Joe Biden is also dragging his feet in accepting a debate invite from the president, hoping that the ballots will be sent out and filled out before he can be made to look like a big fool compared to the president.

The president is hoping that things will decline to the point that people can vote safely. He stated that “By the time we get there we’ll probably be in very good shape.” COVID-19 will be a thing of the past and people will be able to live again. But the nasty lying Democrats continue to push fake news through the media which in turn drives fear and panic into their liberal base. If COVID-19 was such a concern, then their followers would be protesting with masks on. Truth tells a different story that things are not as bad as the Democrats are letting on.


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