Video: Hero Cop Saves Wheelchair Bound Man with Only Seconds to Spare


Law enforcement all over the country has been attacked and degraded as the enemy by people that have no respect for them. They hate them when they are pulled over for speeding and they certainly do not like them when they come into a restaurant to eat. These are people that have broken the law and were arrested by the cops. And as a result, they are seen as the bad buys on the block.

Police officers are not always bad. The vast majority of them are just people out serving in their communities keeping their neighbors safe each day. The selfish hatred that people like the Black Lives Matter group has for the police is because the majority of them have had a violent encounter with the cops in the past.

These self-proclaimed criminals think they should be allowed to break the law whenever they want to and get away with it. They just don’t like having to answer for their crimes. In their minds, it is easier to get rid of the police than it would be to change their behavior.

Law enforcement officers are not always violent at every encounter. Most of the time they are pleasant to speak with and fun to be around. They are the first ones to run into a dangerous situation with the intent of restoring law and order. They do a job that no one else can do.

The biased media seems to report on the negative side of the police, so people think they are terrible people. If the media would report on stories where the officer gave his or her life to save another person, then the overall view of the police would be favorable instead of hating them.

One story that is not being told by liberal media comes by way of a Lodi Police Officer named Erika Urrea. The officer was on duty when she came across a man that was trapped in his wheelchair. His wheelchair had become trapped on the train tracks. What made the situation even worse is that a train could be heard in the distance barreling towards the trapped man.

The officer has little time to react or secure the area before the train was to travel through the area. Running to his aid, the officer grabbed the man and pulled him to safety. The officer only had seconds to react.

These are the moments that truly define police officers. They put their lives in danger without any thought for their safety. But these are also the stories that the media refuses to publish. They would rather smear them with made-up news.

The police video clearly shows the officer grabbing the elderly man and pulling him out of the chair just as the train destroyed his wheelchair. The man and the officer both can be heard hitting the ground as the train rolled on through.

The man’s wheelchair had a wheel stuck between the roadway and the train track. There was no time to try and free the wheel. The officer had to run to the man to save his life.

One would think that BLM would be praising the actions of the police officer. But they will be silent about this event because it goes against their socialist agenda and liberal supporters. There will be no mention at all of the heroism from this officer, except conservative news outlets and local news stations.

The video is something that one would expect to see in the next Hollywood production. The crossing arms are coming down as the officer runs to the 66-year-old man. And just in the nick of time, she pulls him up and over to safety. Her heroism saved a life that fateful moment.

Her department was extremely proud of her actions. The entire town should be applauding her heroism. In a Facebook post, the police station stated that “Officer Urrea risked her own life to save another and her actions prevented a tragedy today. We are extremely proud of Officer Erika Urrea and her heroism.” Officer Urrea is a true picture of what police officers are really like.


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