AOC Admits That Biden Is Nothing More than a Trojan Horse


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez let the cat out of the bag when she recently talked about Biden. She confirmed what many of us already knew. Biden is a figurehead…a Trojan horse. He looks good on the ballots because he has the political experience. He served alongside Obama. He’s easier to get into the White House than some of the more radical choices that are out there.

“We can continue to push Vice President Biden on issues from marijuana to climate change to foreign policy.” She goes on to talk about how it’s important that they continue to fight for a progressive agenda.

Essentially, AOC believes that Biden is a pawn that they can just push in the direction they want him. He’s not capable of making any strong decisions for himself. As such, he’s just a placeholder for the presidency until they can get someone even better into that position.

She has also called Biden a good “transition figure.” Other advisers on Capitol Hill have said that Biden is already looking at a running mate that he can turn things over to after four years.” That would be Harris – and if the Dems get their way, it will be a lot sooner than four years.

Biden has all but made a four-year pledge. He’s planning to run for one term – though he won’t come out and say it. He’s already 77-years-old. He’s a career politician. Planning for a second term at the age of 81 would be ridiculous – he knows it and his party knows it, too.

AOC has said that there are issues she fundamentally disagrees with Biden on. However, she feels that he is capable of being pushed to a more progressive view on a number of topics, including foreign policy and immigration.

This is the problem, though. The Democratic Party would love to promote Biden as someone who is progressive but he’s not. If he is as progressive as they claim that he is, then AOC wouldn’t be giving an interview on how they fundamentally disagree and that he needs to be given a push.

Just a few weeks ago, Biden said in an interview that he’s a “Constitutionalist.” That’s probably the last thing the Democrats wanted to hear. Most constitutionalists are Republican. It comes back to the notion that Biden doesn’t even know who he is anymore.

It doesn’t matter, though. The Dems are looking to get a victory in November so that they can get Trump out of the way.

AOC was brutally honest when she talked about where she’d like to see the country headed. “I’d love to have an election this year for the next generation of leaders, but if I have to wait four years to get rid of Trump, I’m willing to do it.”

She wanted Bernie Sanders. She was prepared to stand behind Sanders and promote the socialist agenda all the way. Unfortunately for her, Sanders stepped down from his campaign. When the primaries were all over with, the only one left standing was Biden.

So, she’ll take Biden because it’s better than keeping Trump in the office for another four years. She’ll continue to push Biden closer to the progressive agenda that she has because she believes that he’s a pushover – and she’s likely right. Then, once Biden has assumed the office, they’ll work on a more progressive candidate. And that will be so that she can see the “next generation of leaders.”

This is why it’s dangerous to vote for the Democratic Party. They have fundamentally different ideas. They see nothing wrong with voting in a figurehead as opposed to a capable candidate. They’ll simply use Biden as a puppet to do their bidding since they were unable to get the candidate that they really wanted.

A vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for Harris and a more progressive agenda. They’ll have Biden out in no time, and AOC has said it herself.


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