BLM and China: The Link has Been Found!


Black Lives Matter has been trying to kill so many Americans in their riots. China, too, has been trying to kill Americans in one way or another. There has to be some kind of link, right?

It turns out that the Black Futures Lab, a group led by the founder of BLM is a fiscally sponsored project of a pro-China organization.

It’s amazing how the bad guys always tend to work together – and the Dems are well aware of the ties. It’s also why the Dems are trying to improve China relations while Trump is walking them back.

China is not our friend. To be friends with Communist China is to enter very murky waters for America – and we do not want to enter those waters.

The Black Futures Lab claims they work with Black people to transform communities and build Black political power. This Lab is headed by Alicia Garza, one of the co-founders to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The country already has black political power. All across the U.S., there are mayors and governors and Congressmen who are black. What’s scary is to say that they want to build Black political power. So, more than the rest of the races in the country? As the only race to hold political power? They seem to be incapable of making their mission crystal clear – and the gray is what allows them to get away with killing and hosting violent protests.

Most of the violent protests have disturbed black residences and black small businesses. Clearly, they’re not all about black power.

But, there may be a part of their organization that is starting to make more sense. The Black Futures Lab, on their website, says they’re a part of a project for the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA). To donate to the Black Futures Lab, it will take you to the Chinese Progressive Association’s website.

The CPA has been around since 1972. They’re an organization that has supported the communist government in Beijing. Their website says that they seek to educate, organize, and empower the low-income and working-class immigrant Chinese communities of San Francisco. They want to build a “collective power with other oppressed communities.”

So, the oppressed Black and the oppressed Chinese are working together to “demand” better living and working conditions. That doesn’t seem so bad. Until you remember that they’re promoting the People’s Republic of China.

Communism is the last thing that we want to have in the United States. It eliminates choice. It eliminates innovation. The government makes all of the decisions and our democracy goes away.

One of CPA’s co-founders wrote an essay where they want to achieve a “fundamentally different society” than the one they live in.

This is the kind of propaganda that Black Lives Matter is bringing to the masses. The Boston chapter of BLM even went as far as teaming up with the Chinese consulate general in New York so that Chinese nationals could renew passports.

We have to be very careful about what’s happening right now. Communist China has been working very hard to spread their propaganda – and they’ve found a partner with BLM. It makes sense since BLM clearly isn’t committed to helping all blacks. They’ve destroyed more than they’ve helped. They want a revolution. They’re declaring war – and there are too many ignorant Dems who are not only ignoring the declarations of war but are supporting it.

Biden has already said that he wants to improve relations with China. He wants to help the various organizations have their voices heard. BLM is considered progressive – and the progressive Dems are all about supporting BLM. To support BLM is to support not only China but the communist agenda that they’ve been trying to push.

The link has already been found. Now that we know what BLM is really about, it’s time to shut them down once and for all.


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