Dems’ New Normal! Biden’s Private Militia, BLM, Now Attacking Trump Supporters at Their Homes


Milwaukee Black Lives Matter militants are no longer content to have their riots in the streets anymore. They have decided that they are going to start bringing their grievances directly to the front doors of Trump supporters. On Tuesday night, one of the Trump supporters was arrested for the crime of protecting their own home from these far-left protesters.

This is not the first time that these angry mobs have showed up at the homes of random individuals. These arrivals have nothing to do with the protests. They are all about intimidation. There is a Facebook page entitled “Justice Tour 2020” and it outlines all of these plans. Vaun L. Mayes believes that he is Milwaukee’s answer to Malcolm X (his words, not ours) and he is sharing all sorts of personal information.

Trump supporters are watching in horror as all of their information is being presented to the rest of the world without anyone bothering to intervene. The page is chock full of addresses and phone numbers. Those who are listed are going to be treated to many unwanted visitors. Mayes refers to the illegal gatherings as “protest parties”.

Former Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales has also been the target of this harassment. The group is said to have already held numerous “protest parties” at his home. He was once the chief but he has since been demoted back to captain for the usage of pepper spray and tear gas against the protesters.

Ald. Nikiya Dodd does not like what she is seeing. As a representative of the 5th District (where Morales resides), she believes that the protests are causing more harm than good. The threats that they are causing to public safety need to be addressed immediately. As for Mayes, the doxing and terrorism that he engages in is enough to keep the PayPal donations rolling in on his Facebook page.

The Tuesday “party” took place at the home of a man who was believed to be racist. The mob used the existence of a Confederate flag to justify their visit. While we did not see any evidence of this flag in this video, the man was flying a Trump flag and an American flag. Once he held a gun up in the window to try and scare the rioters away, they called the police on him.

BLM group, including children, pouring onto someone’s property that they seem to be harassing after he was arrested by police. They’re calling him “Probation Pete,” and are celebrating his arrest. Milwaukee, WI 2/3

— Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) September 16, 2020

The irony of the anti-police crowd using the police as a cudgel to attack people they don’t like shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Abolish the police, indeed. The police arrived and took the man away, setting off a chorus of cheers from the same crowd that had been menacing him earlier. They called him “Probation Pete” and treated his arrest like one big party.

I’m still trying to figure out whose house this is. Milwaukee, WI – seems to be outside of a house who BLM is saying pointed a gun at them. The title of the video is “We still lit – This goes out to all the racist neighbors out there” so I assume it is just a local “racist” 1/3

— Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) September 16, 2020

The group that was involved in this clear antagonism even included children, which is one of the most disturbing aspects of this whole thing. Various outlets have reached out to Facebook and PayPal about the potential violations of their service agreements that are currently taking place. No one has been given any reassurances at the moment.

This is a powder keg that is waiting to explode. What happens when one of these homeowners is not in the mood to merely brandishing a gun? When someone finally decides to open fire on the “party” as soon as they arrive, the mainstream media will pretend that this is an isolated incident. They are going to ignore the history of these visits and treat the person who finally loses their temper as if they are a criminal.

Since the local authorities are not being given the tools that they need to put a stop to these behaviors, we won’t be surprised when we keep hearing about these stories. It’s only a matter of time before these “parties” turn ugly and we hope that someone intervenes soon. These stories are going to start to take a tragic turn before too long.


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