Election Fraud: Democrats Destroy Over a Million Mail-In Ballots in Senate Primary


Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is a former United States Senate candidate who is perhaps best known for the invention of e-mail. He is now leveling a serious accusation against the Democrats. They are alleged to have destroyed over a million mail-in ballots during a primary race for the United States Senate.

This is a textbook case of election fraud but the mainstream media remains asleep at the wheel. When Dr. Shiva met with a Massachusetts Elections Attorney, they confirmed his suspicions on the matter. The ballot images that are used to count votes in these elections must be saved for a period of at least 22 months after they have been used.

Of course, these ballots are now nowhere to be found, which begs a number of questions. Dr. Shiva posted a thread on Twitter about it yesterday and we hope to have answers soon. “BREAKING: Massachusetts Destroys Over 1 MILLION Ballots in US SENATE PRIMARY RACE committing #ElectionFraud. MA Elections Attorney confirms to #Shiva4Senate ballot images – used for counting votes – that MUST be saved by FEDERAL LAW for 22 months are nowhere to be found!” reads the first tweet.

“[A]ppropriate state or local authority MUST PRESERVE ALL RECORDS to detection & prosecution of election crimes for 22-month federal retention period, if records were generated in connection w election that was held in whole or in part to select federal candidates.” -USC Title 42? reads the second. He’s got a great point here.

The laws have been put into place for a reason and now the Democrats are trying to do everything in their power to circumvent them. Do they realize that they are clearly destroying evidence that needs to be saved until a later date? We cannot wait to see them try to plead ignorance on this one, too. You know it is coming.

The Democrats love few things more than pulling the “who, me?” routine every time that they are caught in the act of lying. In their minds, anything that they do is easily explained away. If there are doing it to help themselves, they can talk their way out of any trouble that they find themselves in. The plan hasn’t worked very well for them so far but that’s okay.

They still have plenty of time to keep lying before the election rolls around. October is sure to be filled with all sorts of tall tales about the Democrats. The party knows that they are under the gun because of all the worries about the voter fraud that is already taking place. Why else was all of the evidence destroyed in this instance?

Anyone who thinks that things are on the up and up here is lying to themselves. This nation is at a turning point. If the election ends up swinging back to the Democrats, who knows what will happen? That’s probably why President Trump is already putting a contingency plan in place so that he will have a definite course of action when the election is inevitably stolen away.

At this point, the entire election needs to be called off until things revert to normal. There is too much evidence on hand when it comes to Democratic voter fraud. This story is one of the most blatant examples that we have come across thus far. If it gets much worse than this, we are not sure what can be done. Since the mainstream media is not interested in reporting these stories, we know nothing will come of it.

In the meantime, we can all try our best to continue to raise awareness about the widespread voter fraud that is already taking place. There are no consequences for these actions at the moment, so the left is going to continue to lie to the American people. Until someone is willing to step up and make this party feel some sort of pain for their actions, these are the stories we will continue reading.


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