Embarrassing! Biden Reads Prepared Staff Responses From Teleprompter During Media Press Conference


When the far-left group AFL-CIO had a recent virtual event, Joe Biden was invited to join. The event took place on Monday and exposed Biden’s level of incompetence. He was clearly struggling to speak. The man was very out of breath for some reason, too. It’s getting to the point where it is kind of concerning. This is who the Democrats wanted in their corner, though.

They chose Biden out of all the other candidates, under the misguided belief that he was the best man for the job. The worst part of all is that he seemed to be struggling to read, too. He couldn’t make out what was on the teleprompter and asked a staffer to move it up for him. This is the same man who is supposed to be debating Donald Trump in the next few weeks.

While Trump was undoubtedly excited to tear into Bloomberg or Sanders, he will definitely have a lot of fun with Biden. It’s probably a tie between him and Elizabeth Warren for most entertaining potential debate. Trump would have never let Warren hear the end of it. This man cannot even get through his scripted notes without having a brain freeze.

How on Earth is he supposed to get through a debate under these circumstances? Trump is not going to give him time to check his notes. Biden will need to be able to speak off the cuff. When Trump sat down for an interview with Sean Hannity, he was not about to let Biden’s poor performance slide.

Everyone knew that he couldn’t wait to start making fun of old Sleepy Joe and this interview did not let anyone down. The president noticed how weak and frail Biden looked. As someone who knows the importance of projecting a tough public image, these are the types of things that worry him. He let Hannity know about it, under no uncertain terms.

“Well the media in terms of what they’re doing is actually worse than what you’re saying because it looks to me like they’re asking him a question and then he’s reading an answer off the teleprompter. Now that would mean like your friend over there, Donna Brazile. It looks to me like he’s been given the questions and he’s reading the answers. That would mean to me that the media is giving him the questions. They never gave me the questions. I’ll tell you that. It’s obvious that Joe is reading the answers off the teleprompter,” said Trump.

It’s hard to argue with this assessment. Trump is not ever going to let a slight like this one go without bringing it up to anyone who will listen. This is one of the many reasons why his Twitter account is such an endless source of entertainment. Trump has zero filters and Biden is going to feel his wrath soon enough. The debates may not happen in person this year but that does not mean that Biden is going to be safe for much longer.

He’s probably already looking into what it would take to have Kamala Harris handle the debates on his behalf. Biden has sent her to handle a few speaking engagements and we suspect that this would happen a lot if he were able to win the presidency. “Sorry, everyone, Kamala will be providing the address this evening, Joe was very tired and needed a nap,” they’ll say. We are already laughing just thinking about it.

Joe Biden is the student who can’t pass the test, even when you provide him with a cheat sheet beforehand. The Democrats have done everything in their power to spoon-feed the election to him. There’s even been a global pandemic that has given him all the excuse he needs to hide out in his basement for the remainder of the campaign. It won’t be long before all of this luck starts to run out, though.


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