Even Refugees Warn of the Dangers of a Dem Win


Refugees are capable of warming the hearts of every Dem out there. It’s a chance to feel as though their bleeding hearts have really done well for mankind. Typically, refugees will vote with the Dems…until now.

You know it’s a sad state of affairs when the refugees throughout the United States are warning of what happens if Biden/Harris becomes a reality. Many are refugees because of the war-torn countries they are from. They’re from Venezuela, Cuba, and elsewhere throughout South and Central America. They know what it’s like to be ruled by socialists, and they don’t ever want to go back.

Every time Biden or Harris shows up to a Latin community, signs read “No socialista.” There’s a reason for that. Those that remember socialism in their home countries are terrified. Hispanics from all backgrounds are turning up in record numbers to hold up Trump 2020 signs to show that they’d rather vote Trump than risk the idea of moving toward socialism.

Maximo Alvarez was born in Cuba. He spoke at the Republican National Committee and has a message for everyone: “I’ve seen movements like this before.”

Check out his full message here.

Countless refugees are in the United States because they fled from socialist countries. Now, as they watch the politics unfold, they are noticing a dangerous shift that looks awfully familiar. Calls for expensive government programs, riots, language policing, class warfare – these are all issues that caused refugees to leave their home countries in order to seek a safe haven in the United States.

Too many Democrats are so liberal and so “progressive” that they want to erase history. The problem with the racing history is that they are about to repeat it – maybe not US history but world history. They are allowing the riots, they are inciting the class warfare, and they are the ones calling for massive overhauls of government programs. It’s starting to look a lot like socialism.

Elizabeth Rogliani is a woman who left Venezuela for America in 2008. She said that anyone who was rich became the “enemy of people” in Venezuela. She has been using tick-tock as a way to explain history to the masses. As more politicians attack millionaires and billionaires, it is creating deja vu.

Rogliani said that Hugo Chavez was famous for wanting division between the classes. He wanted to make sure that poor sectors hated the wealthy sectors. This is starting to sound a lot like what Biden and BLM are calling for.

Socialism doesn’t work. It’s a pipe dream. It hasn’t worked in any country that has tried it – and Venezuela is a perfect example. After Chavez ruled the country for more than a decade, the economy collapsed. After decades of mismanagement, the final oil rig shut down. Millions have left the country due to violence and mass starvation.

Venezuelans, as well as plenty of others who have dealt with dictators and socialism, are warning Americans that there are dangerous changes within the political environment that could lead to similar problems.

It’s easy to watch the news and look at how socialism can destroy a country. Any Democratic politician who wants to say that it won’t happen in the United States is being naive. If socialism and the “perfect” Marxist society doesn’t work anywhere else around the globe, how can the Dems think that the US will be any different? It’s because the Dems are dealing with egotistical positions where they feel that they will be the exception to the rule.

Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba… The list of countries that have dealt with socialism and seen it fail can go on and on. Refugees from all of these countries are speaking out.

Tang Williams pointed out the biggest issues with the Dems: “You have to publicly agree with them. It’s fundamentally not American. The tactics they use are very Marxist and communist.”

The Dems don’t want a discussion, they want a revolution – and that’s not the direction that the United States should go in. Ever.


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