Godless Vandals Decapitate Jesus in El Paso


You read that right. They finally came for Jesus.

The Antifa-Woke-BLM-Socialist-Anarchist-Crybaby-Marxist mob finally came after Jesus.

First, they smashed the downtowns of cities, busting up and destroy Tiffany’s, Game Stop, Nike and JC Penney’s, not protesting the death of any black man but using the opportunity as a smash-and-grab so they could steal designer jeans and video game consoles. When that wasn’t enough they started to firebomb police stations, banks, federal court houses (like the one in Portland, which President Trump sent in the National Guard to successfully defend).

Then they came for Main St. America and the suburbs. The city of Kenosha, with the population of around 100,000, reduced to tinder for the Woke Anarchist Mob’s fire of outrage. They came after Mark and Patricia McCloskey in St. Louis, trespassing on their property and threatening to murder them and burn down their home. The McCloskey’s deigned to defend themselves with their legally owned and operated firearms. Who was the felon in this scenario? In the eyes of a corrupt left wing prosecutor in Missouri, the upstanding and law-abiding McCloskey’s were the criminals.

The Radical Left has a full head of steam. They feel empowered when authority figures such as our cities’ mayors – as in Portland, Seattle, or Washington D.C. – don’t bat an eye as the mob runs roughshod over our communities. These lefty “authority figures,” alternatively weak and pathetic or crazed and radical, who seem to be unconvinced of their own authority, then punish honest citizens for protecting themselves as those citizens see their small businesses and life savings set on fire at the hand of college-educated hipsters turned guerillas-by-night who are burning down the next town over because the police force has been told to stand down, giving our guerilla hispter and his psuedo-woke buddies free reign to exercise their frustration over the gnawing reality that they work for $13 an hour at Starbucks with a Masters degree in Feminist Studies and over $100,000 in student loan debt.

Some on the Radical Left are even more insidious and evil than the garden variety Woke Stormtroopers. Because there are elements in the Radical Left that don’t just smash up storefronts and then retire at the end of the day to lattes and Netflix. There are elements that are truly evil and want nothing less than the destruction of American. More, they want to destroy America at its very roots and with it Christianity.

This is what happened with the hellish destruction Texas this week when a church was destroyed by the Radical Left mob. Shocking pictures show how vandals DECAPITATED a historic 90-year-old statue on the church altar in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in El Paso. That would be the same El Paso that former congressman and failed presidential candidate Beto “Damn Right, We’re Gonna Take Your Guns” O’Rourke is from. So did O’Rourke put out a statement or get on social media to denunciate this godless attack? O’Rourke remained and remains silent. In all likelihood, he is cheering.

The incident occurred at St. Patrick’s Cathedral around 10 am on Tuesday, while the church was open for prayer. Pictures show a headless statue, smashed and on the ground, with its left arm and hand also broken off. Police say one suspect was detained and they are continuing their investigation.

“I am in shock and we at the Cathedral are heartbroken over such an unexpected situation,” St. Patrick Rector Fr. Trini Fuentes said in a statement.

“As sad as I am to see a statue attacked and destroyed, I am grateful that it was not a living person,” Bishop Mark Seitz said in a statement.

The bishop may see a silver lining there, but what one should see is that the only way this stops is if we start locking up these criminals with a fierceness that puts the fear of God back in them. Ironic?


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