Louisville Church Offers Sanctuary to BLM Militants Beating up White People (Video)


When a Louisville church attempted to offer themselves up as a sanctuary during the riots, no one ever could have predicted what would come of this seemingly harmless decision. The doors to the church were opened, since the building was considered exempt from the mayor’s curfew orders. Once the doors were opened, mayhem ensued.

The rioters were not about to let any churchgoers who may have been on hand have a moment of peace. They began to attack the building. Any members of the press (or white people) who happen to be on the premises were threatened with violence. A First Unitarian Church leader tried to explain the situation on a live stream. Viewers were told that “houses of worship are exempt from the curfew”.

“The church has opened this up as a sanctuary zone,” they explained. If the rioters needed “legal aid”, they can receive it at the church. One of the rioters at the church went on an expletive-laden tirade, telling all of the white people who were present that they were going to be beaten up if they did not leave. The language was a bit more colorful than that but we are sure that you get the point.

“White people have just been threatened with assault and kicked out of the church sanctuary grounds. Almost all members of the press were demanded to leave as well,” said live streamer Brendan Gutenschwager. He took to Twitter to let people know what was going on at the church. “It’s just not safe at the moment,” the man added. He’s definitely not kidding one bit.

Watch the chaos here.

The city established a 9 PM curfew so that they could put a stop to the violence. Two police officers were shot during the first night of the riots, setting an early tone for the tenor of the “demonstrations”. Louisville is experiencing widespread chaos and no one knows when all of the awfulness will cease. Americans who are not involved in the riots are starting to lose patience.

The church’s heart was probably in the right place when they decided to open the doors but they had no idea what element they were inviting inside. What happens if the police decide to surround the place and wait for these outlaws to come outside? Any innocent people who happen to be inside could be placed in a very challenging position. That’s what makes this story such a disturbing one.

Any church that tries to help the rioters going forward should be referred to this story. The Unitarian Church does not live by any sort of Christian principle, they are merely there to function as a cult. No one buys into anything that is said in these churches, for the most part. Their attempt at becoming a shield to the rioters did not go as well as they may have hoped.

Churches are not supposed to function in this way. Helping out others is great but a community needs a church that is willing to help uphold the rule of law. This church decided that it was more important for them to help out the rioters who are tearing their community to shreds. It makes no sense to anyone who has been paying attention to what is going on but maybe this church’s leadership can provide a reasonable explanation.

We are waiting to hear more about what took place in this church and we hope that everyone is safe. This church should have been offered as a sanctuary for those who were NOT rioting. If the liberals are going to “burn it all down”, why don’t they start here? They are the ones who were destroying churches anyway.

Who remembers the period in time when the liberals were running the streets looking for stained glass windows to smash? Jesus is a symbol of white supremacy, after all. Maybe someone should tell them that this is the next church that needs to be smashed up.


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