Pennsylvania Biden Voter Complains About Sea of Trump Flag


Joe Biden events tend to be pretty awkward in nature. His gaffes and screw ups have kept us laughing over the past few months, though. For once, this awkward moment is not his fault. He and Anderson Cooper of CNN were the hosts for the event. It did not take long for the event to devolve into a complete circus.

Biden was only there to answer questions that had already been approved. We all know that he only does well when he’s given slow pitch softballs. Otherwise, he turns into a stuttering and stammering mess. A Pennsylvania Democrat had a question that was really more of a complaint but at least we got a good chuckle.

We’re not even sure what the question was supposed to be, in all honesty. Near as we can tell, this was a big worry that she needed to get off her chest. Who better to confide in than Joe Biden? If they end up swiping that as a campaign slogan, we demand swift compensation. All jokes aside, it’s a moment that is well worth your time.

When she said that her neighborhood was a “sea of Trump flags and yard signs”, Biden looked like someone had just told him that his best friend was dead. The gut punch that he took when he was given this information is too funny to watch. Remember the episode of The Simpsons, when Ralph Wiggum tries to make Lisa Simpson his Valentine, only to have his heart ripped out on live television?

That’s what this reminded us of. The look on his face is one of pure pain. This goes against the narratives that the Democrats have been hatching as of late. They want everyone to believe that the election is already over and all they need to do is mail in their vote. The idea that the Trump supporter is an endangered species has become a very popular one as of late.

We’re not sure why that would be the case when the leftists were already taught this very hard lesson during the last election. Oh, how they rejoiced at the polls! The precious polls told them that the orange man was bad and that Hillary would save them from him. Of course, they did not retain the lesson and now you have Biden on television looking like a sad puppy dog.

Barack Obama may have told him that he has nothing to worry about but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. If he loses this election, the embarrassment that Hillary Clinton went through will seem like small potatoes. He’s been acting like the election is won and refusing to leave his basement for months. Kamala Harris cannot save him from every public event, as this video clearly shows.

Everything has been handed to Biden, as the Democrats strive to make this campaign as easy as possible for him. Meanwhile, the sitting president has been working tirelessly to handle everything that still needs to be done. The winner is not resting on their laurels but Biden seems to think that being a former vice president holds more weight than it actually does.

Election night is sure to come as a major shock to Biden. We are issuing our predictions now. We believe that Trump will be declared the winner but only on a provisional basis. From there, you will see the swindle play out in real time. They are going to claim that there are still other states that need to be counted and that’s how they are going to try to make sure that Biden wins.

If we’re wrong, we’re wrong. That’s just our gut feeling at the moment. One thing is for sure: Biden was not ready for what this woman had to say and he’d better get it together. If the sight of a few Trump flags shakes him up, he’s in for a tough time going forward.


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