Say What! Apple Changes Siri to Identify Police as Terrorists


Apple phone owners are well acquainted with Siri. She’s the personal assistant who pops up when you have questions. She operates through artificial intelligence and is also powered by voice recognition. We have had lots of fun in the past with her. It’s hilarious to watch her spit out answers to any questions that we may have.

There’s a recent settings change that has been made is a bit less humorous, though. Siri is now directing people to the local police station when they ask “where are the terrorists?” and this isn’t as funny as the leftists are making it out to be. An Apple user in Chicago tried to ask Siri this exact question and they took a screenshot of their response.

This is not a joke or a prank. The Apple corporation has turned against the police. A corporation of this size encouraging anti-police rhetoric is absolutely unheard of. According to the good folks of Law Enforcement Today, these notifications started to pop up for people yesterday. Big Technology is now participating in America’s ongoing push to the left.

What happens if people actually need an answer from Siri and they are too busy being given wisecracks? Has anyone stopped to think about the consequences of these decisions? Of course not. America is in the midst of the biggest woke off that we have ever seen. Corporations like this one are going to have to push their chips to the center of the table.

It’s getting to the point where things are getting pretty drastic. What’s next? Is McDonald’s going to offer a free cheeseburger to anyone who is willing to say “defund the police”? Will Wal-Mart provide free television sets to anyone who is ready to tear down a federal monument? These questions might seem funny to some.

We are not kidding, though. Meanwhile, others are pointing out the obvious. Siri does not spring into action when she hears her own name. She is always listening. Why would anyone want a listening device in their home, especially when we are living in such uncertain times? Anyone who is not using Siri to crap on the police probably feels like they are in some sort of danger.

After all, California has already passed an actual law that forbids its state’s residents from sharing misinformation. What about the Silicon Valley tycoons that are responsible for spreading this lie? They need to be brought to justice. They are allowing a severe form of misinformation to spread and as far as we can tell, Apple is doing less than nothing about it.

These companies want everyone to believe that they are operating with their best interests in mind. In reality, a company like Apple does not care about social justice. They are only looking to score a few brownie points on social media. In a few days or so, they will issue some fake statements about how the Siri thing was just a big misunderstanding. It’s a story as old as time.

Everyone who freaked out about this is going to be treated like they are the ones who are crazy. Even Americans who may have supported the idea of reform before are starting to wonder if they are being led down the wrong path by people who don’t know what they are saying. People’s hearts may be in the right place but we wish that they would be willing to do their research first.

Instead, people and corporations are lunging to see who can say the wokest thing first. That’s all we have been seeing lately and social media is turning into an echo chamber. We don’t even have to see the responses to this story to know how certain people are going to react. The leftists are probably thrilled and crowning Apple as their woke king. Everyone else is scratching their heads and wondering what the heck their problem is.


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