State Dept Docs Confirm Ukraine’s Burisma Paid $7 Million Bribe After Hunter Biden Joined Board


According to State Department documents that have recently been unearthed after an extended period of time, Hunter Biden was closely involved in the payment of a massive bribe. Burisma, the company that provided Joe Biden’s son with a seat on their board, is found to be responsible for the payout. They doled out a whopping $7 million to local authorities who were investigating corruption at the firm.

These findings turned up a mere eight months after Hunter Biden first joined the board. United States officials who are stationed in Kiev developed the evidence. Local prosecutors were investigating the firm but as you might have expected, all of the problems went away quickly. A $7 million payment has a way of doing that.

The bribe is alleged to have been paid out sometime in 2014, between the months of May and December. At least one prosecutor has been willing to confirm this. The prosecution for this case referred to the bribe as a “gross miscarriage of justice that undermined months of US assistance”. The FBI was alerted about these concerns.

No one seems to know if the allegations were ever investigated in a more aggressive manner, either. That seems strange when you stop to consider the amount of money that is supposed to have changed hands here. An anecdote that is this explosive should not have been buried in older files. The conflict of interest taking place here needed to be discussed long before now.

Whenever the Biden family is involved, the mainstream media doesn’t seem too willing to ask questions. The corruption in Ukraine was pervasive but yet, the government was willing to spend a sizable amount of time and money on a Trump investigation in the region. Biden’s corruption is staring us right in the face but the United States government continues to play stupid about it.

Joe Biden even visited the country to speak out about the corruption. He demanded that a prosecutor take the time to look into the issues going on at Burisma. Was this a joke of some kind? He had to have known that his son was involved by this point in time. That’s probably why he demanded that the prosecutor be fired for the role that they played.

Remember when Trump stood accused of potentially withholding aid from the Ukraine until they were willing to play ball with him? It’s a nasty bit of political theater that happens on a regular basis. If this was such a problem for the left, why aren’t they complaining about Biden, though? It’s almost like they don’t care unless they think Trump can be placed in some form of trouble.

Scratch the ‘almost’ part. That’s exactly how they think. If Trump is accused, it’s definitely true. If Biden is accused, all of a sudden everyone wants a “nuanced” conversation. Biden is so sure of his ability to get away with this sort of behavior, he actually brags about it in his interviews. This is a man who knows that he is untouchable, as far as the Democrats are concerned.

One day, his luck is sure to run out but he does not seem to think so. He believes that the election is already his and he is operating under that assumption. Biden wants to be able to hide in the basement for the next six weeks and still win. Trump and his campaign need to start hammering away at all of the vulnerabilities that he keeps presenting. There’s a wealth of material to choose from.

Senator Ron Johnson is asking for answers about this matter and he wants them as soon as possible. American corruption has made it so no one knows what to expect. We are not looking forward to receiving any confirmation about this corruption. It’s just the reality of the world that we are currently living in. The Democrats want us to do as they say, not as they do.


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