Trump on Track To Win Record-Breaking Percentage of Black Votes With Real Action Not Empty Promises


Emerson College’s latest post has provided some very interesting findings about Donald Trump’s campaign for re-election. While the mainstream media is telling anyone who will listen that the race is over, this post shows otherwise. The race is tightening. Trump is making inroads with the one group that he needs to shore up his standing with: African-Americans.

This goes against the ramblings of Joe “you ain’t black!” Biden but here we are. According to the poll, Trump is now winning at least 19 percent of the black vote. If these polls are true (and we have no reason to believe that they are not), Trump is going to be able to win the election more easily than most may have realized.

Many of the projects that have Biden beating Trump with ease do not acknowledge these polls. The mainstream media is still telling everyone that they have no reason to worry. The numbers that Trump is putting up are not considered to be an outlier. Rasmussen’s most recent poll shows that Trump is actually receiving 36 percent of the black vote. Maybe black people are tired of being treated as a monolith by smarmy liberals like Joe Biden?


National Likely Voter (LV) Job Approval of @POTUS – 47%

Men LV App – 49%

Women LV App – 44%

GOP LV App – 79%

Dem LV App – 23%

Ind LV App – 41%

White LV App – 48%

Black Total LV App – 36% !

Other Non-White Total LV App – 51% !

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) August 7, 2020

It’s just a thought. Leo Terrell is offering up some major predictions for the upcoming election. He’s a former Democrat who also happens to be an attorney. When he speaks about these matters, people listen. He is predicting that Trump will take home the highest percentage of the black vote in the history of the Republican party.

As long as a lifelong Democrat can see that this party is no longer worth supporting, we can’t understand why other people are so up in arms. Terrell is not going to be tricked into voting for Biden. Now, he is actively working to make sure that no one else is lured into the same mistake. President Trump has more support with this community than the mainstream media will ever admit to.

They are doing everything in their power to convince everyone that all MAGA voters are white racists. What about the racists on the Democrat side? Are people really going to pretend that these voters all have the best interests of non white people at heart? Of course they don’t. Terrell is trying his best to let people know the truth but he is being silenced by people who do not want to face facts.

It’s easier for them to pretend that they are on the right side of history because they are criticizing the Republicans at the moment. As President Trump continues to flip more and more Democrats over to the right side of the aisle, no one is going to be able to contain the truth any longer. There are also those who are pointing out the obvious when it comes to the polling realities that November will present.

Trump voters are simply far more likely to brave the pandemic in order to vote for their candidate. While there are cases that can be made for Joe Biden, one thing is for sure. His supporters are not about to wear face masks and stand in line for hours. Trump voters are going to make up for any shortcomings in the polls with their dedication to their president.

The liberals are making the same mistakes all over again. They want everyone to think that the election is in the bag. Mail in voting fraud is not going to swing this election in the manner that they think. President Trump is already taking care of these concerns. He’s just doing his best to make sure that the election goes off without a hitch.

It’s hard to get anything accomplished when the Democrats are blocking our path to freedom. They have made their position obvious here. The party does not believe that they can win the election without cheating and they are broadcasting their desperation. Best of luck to them!


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