United States Revokes Over 1,000 Visas for Chinese Nationals With Ties To the Chinese Military


This decision is not going to fix the problems that we are experiencing entirely but guess what? It’s a wonderful place to start. The State Department has now decided to revoke 1,000 visas that were once granted to Chinese nationals. Presidential Proclamation 10043 was issued by President Trump at the end of May, going into effect on June 1.

The proclamation states that China is “engaged in a wide-ranging and heavily resourced campaign to acquire sensitive United States technologies and intellectual property, in part to bolster the modernization and capability of its military, the People’s Liberation Army.” Chinese graduate students are targeted by the program and researchers believe that there are strong ties to the Chinese military.

This decision was long overdue. The State Department is revoking the visas because this decision “safeguards US national security by limiting the PRC’s ability to leverage Chinese graduate students and researchers in the United States to steal United States technologies, intellectual property, and information to develop advanced military capabilities.”

“China has leveraged every aspect of its country including its economy, its military, and its diplomatic power, demonstrating a rejection of western liberal democracy and continually renewing its commitment to remake the world order in its own authoritarian image,” says Chad Wolf. As the acting US Secretary of Homeland Security, he is doing everything in his power to keep the nation safe.

It’s been a problem for a long time and this is not the first time that it has been discussed on a wider scale. Chinese nationals regularly receive visas that allow them to study in America, without disclosing any ties that they have to the military. In many instances, they are in violation of government rules because they are swiping medical research or intellectual property on the Chinese government’s behalf.

The State Department is not deluded about this decision. They know that this number represents only a small portion of the total number of Chinese nationals who are currently studying in America. Over 300,000 students are still able to study in the United States but many of them have been forced to put school on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We continue to welcome legitimate students and scholars from China who do not further the Chinese Communist Party’s goals of military dominance,” says the State Department. American universities cannot afford to start turning these students away. They are a major source of income for many of our colleges and universities.

Chinese students with their visas being cancelled are listing information here – https://t.co/y0NeJvYWsI. Most of them haven’t even been to university in China, but went to a high school ‘affiliated with’ a military university.

— James Palmer (@BeijingPalmer) September 10, 2020

It’s a high-scoring local school – the kind that requires an urban hukou and good connections to get into in the first place, but not a hotbed of military training.

— James Palmer (@BeijingPalmer) September 10, 2020

Without international students, many colleges and universities would struggle to make up the financial shortfall. The Chinese response to the State Department was not positive. Their statement “strongly condemns any calculated politicization and stigmatization of normal academic exchanges.” If we had to guess, the average American probably “strongly condemns” the idea of Chinese intellectual property theft.

This is not the first time that the Chinese have issued a retaliation like this. When the State Department ordered a shutdown of the Chinese consulate in Houston, they closed the United States mission that is located in Chengdu. China and the United States have placed all sorts of new restrictions on any diplomats or journalists who spend time in their countries.

According to Chinese students, this decision was a mistake. The students believe that they are being singled out because the high school they attended has an affiliation with the People’s Liberation Army. They claim that this is a “loose” affiliation but this seems like a dubious claim. There’s really no such thing as a loose affiliation when it comes to the Chinese army but we digress.

The Trump administration is being accused of making a “blunder” by Foreign Policy editor James Palmer, which should come as no big surprise. They didn’t make the xenophobia accusation that usually comes out in these sorts of instances but we are sure that’s coming any day now. In order to weed out all of the spies, there are difficult decisions to be made.


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