Biden Defies All Odds and Says Another Dumb Thing About Police


Joe Biden has no filter left for his mouth. All attempts to tell him what to say by the puppet masters have failed, and he is embarrassing every Democrat in the country. Over the past few months, he has said a lot of things that have made no sense at all. And now it seems that even his ideas are getting jumbled as his dementia takes over.

The mindless repeating of lines provided to him by the progressive left continues to fuel his decline. The only thing that makes sense to him is that he is slipping quicker as time moves forward. At some point, Biden will reach a state in his life where he will have to be under constant supervision because he will no longer be able to care for himself.

His latest slip-up came on national television as he addressed several issues that were going to help him secure the votes of undecided people. What was discovered is that these people are anything but undecided voter support.

The people that attend Biden’s rallies are plants designed to keep him on topic. They are there to fuel his talking scripts. But there are times when the silly old man’s dementia and ignorance shine through. His statement about the police was one of those times. Everyone that listened to him wondered deeply about what he exactly he was trying to say.

For some strange reason, Democrats believe that violent people can talk like this to adults. It is like a parent trying to reason with a toddler screaming their head off over not getting their way. As that child grows up, they have no respect for their parents or authority because they were handled liberally.

Biden’s suggestion was that police need to go into a violent situation with a psychologist or a psychiatrist and let the crazy professor talk them down. He wants the police to rationalize with violent children. Violence can only be stopped with force–something the liberals have yet to learn.

BIDEN: If a police officer “goes on a 911 call, it’s better if he or she has with them a psychologist or psychiatrist.”

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) October 6, 2020

The reason the rioters hate the police is that they are getting force used against them. They are being told to stop their violence, or they will be dealt with by force. Biden’s comment is the stupidest thing he has said so far.

Biden actually wants to see people that deal with the mind to tell police officers how to do their job. It would be like a child telling a general how to win a war. It makes no sense at all. Biden wants to see the police pull out the picnic basket and invite the killer to a peaceful lunch. The sweeping changes that Biden wants for the police are nothing more than the removal of their ability and authority as police officers.

No psychologist or other professional is going to put themselves in the line of fire. They are going to put the lives of other men and women at risk because they do not know what they are doing. All the psychologists can do is drag their couch to the crime scene and hope that the criminal will sit down in and talk about why they are acting the way they are.

In Biden’s world, the psychologist ends up dead, the couch ends up stolen, and the police are destroyed. That is Biden’s plan for the future of America. He envisions a place where anarchy reigns supreme, and the people are tortured until dead. The money and lands are stripped away as the dictator of the day enjoys every minute of it all.

Biden needs to face reality. No psychologist will ever quit their lucrative job at a school to be put in harm’s way for a lot less money. His idea is widely accepted by all the liberals still following him. The results of Biden’s America is going to be disastrous for everyone in the world.

President Trump is the candidate of law and order. Every world leader wants him back as president for another four years because Biden is too much of a threat to their security. Another four years of President Trump will halt the assault on America from the nasty Democrats. And that is what America needs today.


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