Continued Civil Unrest in MN Could Lead to a Trump Victory


The Democrats can’t seem to get their cities under control – and what’s been going on in Minnesota is unbelievable. They have proven that they’re not even listening to the rants of concerned citizens. The citizens want the police. They want protection. Yet, the Dems continue to push for defunding the police and allowing the protests to continue.

Civil unrest is exhausting – and the residents of Minnesota are tired. They’re tired of it all, and they’re tired of watching the Dems do nothing about it.

Normally, it would just be an issue of the people having to deal with it. But, it’s an election year. Those in Minnesota know that the Dems are at fault for all that’s going on – and they’re going to show just how upset they are by taking their complaints to the polls.

It’s possible that Donald Trump may do the impossible – and win Minnesota. The state has always been a battleground – and he narrowly lost the state in 2016 to Hillary Clinton. Now, with the violence and the social unrest, Trump feels that he’s got it.

As he spoke to a crowd in Florida, explaining why he thought he’d win Minnesota, he tells everyone to remember when the state was burning down. He said that he called every day, asking “let us come in.” He was fully prepared to deploy the National Guard to deal with the unrest following the death of George Floyd.

Once Trump could finally deploy the National Guard, the rioting came to a halt. However, Jacob Frey, the mayor of Minneapolis, failed by allowing the rioting to go on for as long as it did. Rioters burned buildings, looted stores, and destroyed cars. Innocent residents had their lives ruined. Black Lives Matter added fuel to the fire – thought a lot of the rioting seemed to target black business owners. It led to fury amongst residents – and it’s another reason why Trump feels as though he has the votes.

If Trump wins Minnesota, it will be an impressive feat. The state hasn’t voted for a Republican president since Nixon’s second term – and that was 1972.

The people throughout the state, particularly in Minnesota and St. Paul, however, have had to face the lack of action from Democratic leadership. Although the governor, Tim Walz, was quick to condemn Mayor Frey, calling the rioting an “abject failure,” it’s not like he jumped in to offer solutions.

Minnesota is in desperate need of law and order – and reform. The Democrat-run cities are failing all over the country. In Minnesota, the people have gotten to experience those failures firsthand and they’re over it. They want change. They need change. And it’s likely that they’re going to vote Trump to get it.

It took the people a second term of Nixon to realize that the country was better with him in power. It may be that’s what Minnesota needs with Trump, too. Now that they’ve seen him in action for four years, they can confidently head to the polling centers to cast their ballots.

Biden attempted to get in on the action, condemning the violence, too. Biden tweeted that, “we are a nation in pain, but we must not allow this pain to destroy us.” The problem is that he fails on the actual execution. When he was asked point-blank during the first presidential debate if he called any of the Democratic mayors to tell them to accept help and to condemn the violence, he simply replied that he doesn’t hold public office. That’s some way to dodge the problem. He could have easily made a call as the former VP, a former Senator, and even as the Democratic presidential candidate. But, he didn’t.

Trump is the only one who has offered a glimmer of hope to those in Minnesota – and to the rest of the Dem-run cities where there is civil unrest. The polls are unreliable. The lead will end up with Trump because he is a man of action.


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