Democrats Threaten to Destroy Supreme Court


Joe Biden is the mysterious candidate that is running for the presidency. There are certain things that he refuses to announce as his campaign moves along. The reason he refuses to reveal his plans is that he has none. And that is fairly evident with what he has not revealed about his idea to pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges. His reluctance to reveal his thoughts only points to a dangerous plan that the liberals are just waiting to put into practice.

What frightens the Democrats the most is the thought of losing a liberal presence on the Supreme Court. They know that if the president’s nomination is confirmed that they will be one vote down for decades to come.

This is excellent news for all of the conservatives in the country that have suffered under the rule of liberal principles for years. The issue that has been the catalyst of division is the issue of abortion. The Democrats want to keep murdering little babies legal for as long as possible.

The progressives are really having a hard time with the thought of losing a liberal vote. Their plan to take over the country will be delayed for years to come. Democrats have wanted to pack the court ever since it was attempted under Franklin Roosevelt in 1937. They desire to rule the country as one party.

One-party rule is the death of America. The country was set up to keep that from happening. The Founding Fathers did not want to see a country like what they fought to get out from under form in the new United States of America. But the only way liberals can have their way is with a one-party system in place.

The Democrats of today are mirroring FDR’s attempt to destroy the Supreme Court. FDR tried to paint the court as an older adult’s club. Today, the Democrats are trying to make the court out to be immoral people who are not worthy to sit in those positions. They tried to smear Judge Kavanaugh, and it looks like they are going to try to smear the newest candidate.

Democrats today do not value the idea of separation of powers. Their version of government is one that models a dictatorship where they are in complete control. The liberals fail to realize that FDR’s plan was even opposed by Democrats that stated that packing the court was an “utterly dangerous abandonment of constitutional principle.”

This was their way to side-step the separation of powers because they did not control the court. Those same Democrats also stated that his plan “should be so emphatically rejected that its parallel will never again be presented to the free representatives of the free people of America.”

The Democrats around today are far more wicked than those of a few decades ago. FDR would not listen, and he would destroy his image and popularity as a result of assigning eight more justices to the court. The one thing he failed to do was remove the court as a stumbling block to his plan to rule America.

Biden and his cohorts want to destroy the court. But they will not come right out and say they are trying to do it. They are playing it slow and waiting for the right time to take it down. Once it is gone, they will have their one rule system in place, and America will never be the same.

This is another reason why they hate President Trump so much. He is placing judges back on the benches in courts around the country. The courts, to this point, were liberal. The Democrat’s progress of liberalizing the country took significant steps backward once the president won in 2016.

President Trump is a threat to the Democratic Party. This opportunity to have a conservative judge placed on the bench instead of a liberal is divine providence. America is the greatest nation on earth. And it will only stay that way if people like the president and the conservative justices on the bench of the Supreme Court continue to defend what makes America great.


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