Rare Moment of Insight! Biden Admits He Has No Law Enforcement Support


When the first debate took place between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Trump won a lot of support for calling out Biden on his law enforcement policies. Trump correctly pointed out that Biden did not have any support from law enforcement organizations. He wanted voters to know what would happen to their police stations if Biden was allowed to take office.

Biden sat down for an NBC town hall event soon after. He was asked about his law enforcement policies again. At this time, Biden was forced to drop the defensive act and admit that he has no real plan for the future. It’s pretty hard to come together with law enforcement organizations when you have done everything in your power to push them away.

“I have had overwhelming support from police my whole career up until this year,” Biden said. Gee, we wonder why that could be? This town hall meeting provided him with the chance to make better choices but he continues to step in it. The movement to defund the police is very troubling to Americans who live on the right side of the law.

People do not wish to vote for someone who is going to be actively working to make the streets less safe than they already are. When you can’t name a single law enforcement organization that provides any meaningful backing, people are going to have a tough time believing in anything that you say. It doesn’t help matters when Bernie Sanders is touring the country and making leftist promises on your behalf.

He’s done everything he can to present himself as a bland, middle of the road candidate. Despite these best efforts, he seems to find himself on the outside looking in when it comes time to talk about law enforcement. The FreeBeacon Twitter account has a video of this awkward interaction and it is a must-see.

“Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden admitted during an NBC town hall that he no longer has the support of law enforcement when questioned by the wife of a police officer,” they tweeted. Biden tried his best to walk some of his recent rhetoric back, though. He even suggested that officers were in need of some sensitivity training.

It’s clear to see that this man has nothing but bad ideas when it comes to the methods of policing in this country. Biden is not going to help anyone to feel safer. The only people who he truly cares about the leftists that he spent the past few months pandering to. If we are being totally honest, he probably doesn’t care all that much about them either.

The man’s a moderate at heart. It’s a bit too late for this sleepy tiger to start changing his stripes now. He claims that he wants the police to ride around with mental health professionals so that they are not as quick to use deadly force. He does not have the back of our nation’s police officers. Anyone who has been paying attention for the past few months would definitely agree.

Biden’s America would have everyone in danger. No one would be safe, not even the police themselves. He wants to take away their funding and make their jobs even more difficult than they already are. He’s made some false promises about increasing their funding but he only seems to say these types of things when his back is against the wall.

We are not the only ones who have noticed Biden’s unwillingness to commit to an actual plan. He wants to play both sides against the middle but there are a number of folks who simply won’t fall for it. With any luck, we will not be forced to endure any more of his pointless rambling. Thankfully, the election is right around the corner and these types of complaints will soon be rendered completely irrelevant. Not a moment too soon!


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