We’re Done Here! Trump Ends Negotiations with Pelosi


It’s hard to negotiate with someone who is completely insane. Rather than bother trying any longer, President Trump has decided to stop negotiating with Nancy Pelosi until after the elections. Of course, the far left is losing their minds. The conspiracy theories are spinning out of control, making it seem as though Trump is looking to leave everyone high and dry.

However, Pelosi is the one responsible for the inability to negotiate a deal on a coronavirus relief package. Rather than giving the American people something, she would rather give them nothing. The only way that she wants to make a deal is if illegal aliens are given stimulus money.

It’s not as if Trump and the rest of the GOP haven’t tried. They’ve been at it for weeks – and Pelosi along with the rest of the House isn’t budging. Pelosi is demanding $2.4 trillion for things that have nothing to do with the coronavirus – such things as a bailout for the poorly run and high crime Dem-run states. There was even a counteroffer for $1.6 trillion and she turned it down. So, no deal until after the election.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows have been working tirelessly with the Speaker of the House. It’s been a waste of time – and Trump has said that after winning the election, the GOP will work to pass a major Stimulus Bill to ensure that the hardworking small businesses and Americans get the financial help that they all need.

Of course, it would be great if, following the elections, the GOP grabs the majority of the House, kicking Pelosi to the curb. Otherwise, the best scenario would be that when the new Congress convenes, the Dems realize that Pelosi isn’t the best choice for Speaker and votes in someone else. Fingers crossed.

There are other things that need to be handled. Since Pelosi refuses to negotiate, it will go on the back burner until after the election. The time can be better spent on pressing issues like working to get a full panel of nine judges into the Supreme Court – and that means the hearing for Amy Comey Barrett.

As for the Dems who can’t seem to digest the fact that negotiations have been called off, they need to stop blaming Trump. They need to look at why they’ve come to a screeching halt. Pelosi wants to be political about it all instead of offering the aid where and when it needs to go.

She wants $2.4 trillion to help bail out the poorly run Dem states like New York. Maybe she needs to have a talk with Governor Andrew Cuomo – he did just write a book about how amazing he is as a governor and how he singlehandedly dealt with the pandemic. Seems that he thinks he’s doing a bang-up job, so he shouldn’t need a bailout.

Even if those cities do need a bailout, that should be a separate issue beyond what’s needed for the coronavirus relief. Pelosi should know that. Trump, Mnuchin, Meadows, and others know that. Yet, this is yet another way for Pelosi to point and say, Look! Trump doesn’t care about you. He won’t agree to our terms!

Dems don’t even like Pelosi at this point. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when she broke the pandemic rules to go get her hair cut. That’s when every Dem woman who has taken scissors to their own head and had to use boxed dye said that enough was enough.

The Speaker of the House should be a position held by someone who has the best interest of Americans in mind. Instead, Nancy Pelosi has proven time and again that she’d rather watch Americans struggle than to do something about it. The power has gone to her head.

Trump did what needed to happen. He moved on from playing her game. If Dems want to be mad, they can blame Pelosi since she’s the reason a deal hasn’t happened yet.


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