Whitmer Loses a Second Time Over Her Attempt to Become Dictator


Goofy Governor Whitmer has had her face slapped off again as the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that she is overstepping her authority as it relates to COVID-19. Whitmer has seen to it to keep the state locked down and over restricted. Her power grab is nothing more than an attempt by her to control the state like a dictator. She is living proof that all Democrats love power and will do anything to get it.

October 2 was a big victory day for the people living in Michigan. Her executive orders were called unconstitutional and could not be extended as she was trying to do. She had her hand slapped on that day and told to knock it off. But her reaction to the court’s ruling was nothing short of a temper tantrum by a toddler not getting what she wants.

Within a day, she had a new idea of appealing to an extremely old law that would still allow her to fine her subjects for violating the orders that were already struck down. Whitmer has to be deaf as she tries to circumvent the court’s ruling.

As a result of her ambitious takeover attempt, she was the target of a plan to kidnap the sadistic governor. But law enforcement, the same she would love to defund, stepped up and foiled the plan before it could take place. And instead of being thankful and stopping her sinful passions, she tried again to force her will on the people only to have the court intervene a second time.

The high court ruled in a 6 to 1 vote that Whitmer had overstepped her powers. The court went after the 1945 law that the governor used to extend her powers and stated that the law did not apply to her. The Republicans’ were the ones that put an end to her reign of terror and stood up for everyone in the state.

Like every Democrat in the country, Whitmer uses fear to try and control people. Her appeal to continue the lockdowns yet once again centered on the issue of unemployment benefits would lapse. As if that would make it fine for her to keep people from working.

Once the people returned to work, there would be no reason to use unemployment benefits any longer. Her logic escapes even a two-year-old at this point. Whitmer never once worked with the legislature to extend her orders.

The agreement was that she was supposed to come before the legislature and appeal to them to extend the laws. But she did not do it and used her executive powers instead. This is the reason why the court has had to punch her in the face to get her attention.

Whitmer would just rather do away with the legislature. She sees them as a hurdle to get around on her path to dictatorship. Had she worked with the legislature, the courts would not have had to get involved. She might have had the support of lawmakers, but she was not willing to work with them.

The unwillingness to work with others is a trademark for the Democratic Party. They just cannot seem to work well with others that are outside of their party. All Whitmer had to do was pick up the phone and speak with the legislature’s leaders to take up the matter in a special session. But she did not want to wait.

Even after the punch in the face, Whitmer has not learned her lesson. She has already told the Department of Health and Human Service Director Robert Gordon to put out her orders. These are the same orders that were ruled unconstitutional.

Many of the counties in the state are refusing to obey her orders. They are looking to see how the courts are going to rule on the issues. Her attitude needs a massive overhaul. The people of Michigan need to step up and vote her out of office before they end up like California. Whitmer is another liberal seeking to assume control so she can destroy freedom and law and order.


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