Democrats Found Guilty of Illegal Voting Practices in Philadelphia


It is not a surprise that election night ended the way it did with the Democrats pulling magic votes out of Frosty the Snowman’s hat. Throughout the day, reports were coming in that nasty liberals were interfering with the election process. Their attempts to keep Republicans from voting is just their latest attempt to cheat their way to power.

Democrats may think that they get away with their dastardly deeds. But now that there are microphones in everyone’s pockets and cameras on every corner, it is much harder to stay in the shadows. Their actions were caught on camera and posted on Twitter for the world to see.

It wasn’t a matter of if the Democrats were going to try something stupid. It was a matter of when and where. Their attempts to hijack the election show that they will do anything to keep people from having a fair chance at a favorable outcome.

One person in Philadelphia was forbidden from entering a polling site. Will Chamberlain was the poll watcher who had a certification that would allow him access to any city polling place. But he was stopped at the door and kept from entering the building.

Chamberlain took proof of his certification and a video and pasted it all over Twitter, showing the two bouncers that kept him from getting in the door. The two liberals were working the door singled out people to keep them from casting their votes.

In another account, in the same city, a Democratic worker singled out Republican poll watchers and barred them from entering. When told that they were permitted to be there, the lousy liberal stated, “that rule ain’t worth being followed.” Barring Republican poll watchers kept them from seeing what was happening in the vote count.

Pennsylvania was one of the states that just stopped reporting late into the night. And when the sun came up, it was a miracle that Biden had found hundreds of thousands of votes. Just enough to put him in the lead by a few points. Republicans all over the city stated that these kinds of things were happening all over the city.

Democrats had also been handing out flyers that told people to vote for Democrats. They were not to be handing out literature at the polling places. All over Philadelphia that liberals took the streets to violate election rules thinking they could get away with that cheating method.

City officials later claimed that these people were turned away by mistake. But that begs the question of “why did it happen all over the city?” seems suspicious that it was that widespread. The guards were instructed to keep poll watcher away so the Democrats could cheat at the election.

Officials also noted that those polling judges were corrected, and it stopped. But by the time they were reprimanded, the poll watchers had moved on. No one believes the story. This was a planned banning by the Democrats to keep the election from being honest.

And of course, Joe Biden would never have a problem with cheating because it was in his favor. The Democratic candidate and his running mates are cheats and frauds. The only way Americans will be safe should they win is to see that they are removed from office as soon as possible. No one can believe a person that supports cheating and is a known liar.

President Trump warned of fraud that was coming by way of the Democrats. In cities all across the country, ballot harvesting sites were found staffed with Democrats. They were shut down, but the fact that they existed proves that liberals are cheaters.

All over Michigan and Pennsylvania, liberals denied Republican poll watchers from being able to enter voting sites to make sure that they count was being done fairly. Great suspicion is being levied against the Democrats because they have seen a massive increase in votes over the night hours compared to the president.

There is no question that the liberals cheated and physically kept people away from the polls. They handed out literature that they were not to have at the voting booth. Somewhere, a person needs to be arrested and put in prison for their part in rigging the election.


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