Almost Half of EV Owners Ready to Switch Back to Gas-Powered Cars

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There’s more bad news on the horizon for the electric vehicle utopians who hope to reshape the entire global marketplace for cars. Not only has the demand for EVs already peaked while the industry is in its infancy, but the demand is already shrinking. The latest polling indicates that almost half of all people who have already bought an EV are so fed up with their purchases that they’re ready to switch back to a gas-guzzling V8.

The study was conducted by the consulting firm McKinsey and Company. They found that 46% of people who already own an EV are ready to switch back to a gas-powered vehicle for their next purchase. Like all liberal pie-in-the-sky ideas, it might sound good on paper, but you quickly realize what a train wreck it is in the real world when you must live with the consequences.

In the same survey, 58% of Americans said they’re likely to keep their current gas-powered cars much longer, rather than purchase an EV. Another 44% say they’re adopting a wait-and-see attitude before they consider buying one.

The public distaste for these vehicles is unsurprising. Most Americans recognize EVs for what they really are: A toy that smug and narcissistic liberals use to virtue signal about how they are “saving the planet” from sunlight and warm temperatures.

Liberals probably do feel like superheroes for the first few days after buying an EV. It’s when reality starts to collide with their delusions of grandeur that the shine starts to wear off their purchase. You can fool yourself into thinking you’re saving the planet all that you want, but the first time you’re late to work or you leave your kids stranded after soccer practice because you’re stuck in line at a charging station, playing superhero suddenly isn’t as fun.

By now, everyone knows that EV battery charge times are nowhere near as impressive as the manufacturers or dealers like to claim. “It can get 250 miles on a single charge—so long as you don’t have anyone sitting in the passenger seat!” EV pickups can’t tow as much as their gas-powered counterparts and their battery charge time is crushed when towing something. You might make it to that weekend cabin for a getaway, but good luck getting back home! Plus, if you live anywhere with cold temperatures in the winter, you don’t have any personal transportation until it warms up again in the spring.

Joe Biden’s efforts to sell this technology to the public are not inspiring confidence, either. The federal government spent $7.5 billion in taxpayer money during Biden’s first year in office to build new charging stations all across the country. In three years, they have built seven.

That’s seven (7) without any zeroes behind it. For $7.5 billion.

The Biden regime wants half of all new car sales to be EVs by the year 2030. To put that into perspective, only 7% of American families report owning an EV right now. Half of those people, according to the McKinsey survey, are ready to switch back to gas-powered vehicles. This means that the Biden regime and the globalists at the WEF are trying to force a lifestyle change on everyone that only 3.5% of the population is willing to participate in. Good luck with that.

If you think the EVs that are piling up unsold on car lots across the country (and Europe) are significant now, wait just a few more years.