Apocalypse Watch: New Orleans Mayor Declares June 11 ‘Back That Azz Up’ Day

James Kirkikis / shutterstock.com
James Kirkikis / shutterstock.com

Occasionally, we all wonder if our civilization is coming to an end. Then, a story like this comes along, and we are absolutely certain that it is. New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell (D) has declared a new holiday for her historic city. Henceforth, June 11 will be celebrated as a day to honor a filthy rap song about prostitution, human trafficking, and sexual assault.

From now on, June 11 will be known as “Back That Azz Up” in New Orleans. The rapper who wrote the song is a New Orleans native who goes by the name Juvenile. The song was released on June 11, 1999, so Mayor Cantrell declared the holiday to recognize the 25th anniversary of the tune staining the airwaves.

For those who are unfamiliar with the tune, the rapped declares that he is running a stable of 100 “hoes.” He keeps these human slaves—who the rapper refers to as his “b*tches”—in line by smacking them around with his penis.

This is the best that Democrats can come up with when trying to think of something to honor New Orleans with. There’s nothing wholesome, honorable, heroic, or good that the left can think of to celebrate. All they can do is honor filth that degenerates the soul and poisons the minds of children who are exposed to it.

Honoring a song that celebrates human trafficking and rape is not much different than Drag Queen Story Hour at the library. Even if you like the song for some reason, can you think of any reason why you might not want to expose children to it by declaring a holiday for it?

Because we allow things like this to happen in our communities, we’ll deserve it when the asteroid hits.