OPED: In 2024, More Voters Is the Best Thing for the Conservative Voice

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Rawpixel.com / shutterstock.com

For the better part of the last 50 years, the idea was that when the number of voters who came out to cast their ballot was high, the GOP stood a lower chance of winning. Simply, when swing voters would bother to show up to the polls, most often, they were motivated by the idea of getting more of something for nothing. The liberally socialist promises of increases in Medicare, welfare, and free money entice those who are not politically savvy to suddenly cast their ballot.

Many people got a good wake-up call to the true tenets of liberal socialism during the Obama administration. Yet, they got a rude reminder of how quickly it can turn under Biden. Seeing the prosperity America achieved while Trump was opposed at every turn in the road, many Americans now wonder what he could do with more of the nation backing him. This factoid alone could be enough to cause a massive surge in voter turnout, especially for the GOP ticket.

This is the kind of situation where Biden vastly overplayed his hand. Rather than suckering the American people in for four years and then showcasing his dive into senility in a second term, Joe went for it all immediately. Already ruled too mentally incompetent to stand trial for classified materials mishandling and storage, the case for him NOT to be elected for a second term has already been made to the American people.

Yet the democrats see the writing on the wall for Biden’s political future, and yet with election day less than nine months away, they are nothing if not proud to continue to support him. This is despite the ever-mounting embarrassments that he is having in public. He has now evolved into the exact kind of politician leftists accuse the GOP of installing. The total lack of self-respect, drive to lead the country in a better direction, or to get the economy moving on its own has been nothing short of pathetic.

So how does all of this translate into good news?

The people are speaking out over social media. They are tired of watching Biden, Pelosi, and other liberals profiting from insider trading. While Trump certainly has his share of people who dislike him, especially the “Never Trump” people, even some of them are starting to come around. Biden’s decision to ride the edge of the sword between Israel and Palestine has certainly divided people.

With the Abraham Accords being brought by Trump between Palestine and Israel coming in just 2020, perhaps it didn’t get enough time under the leadership of the man who architected the whole thing. Had Trump gotten a second consecutive term, many believe we would not have seen Israel and Palestine squared off like this. Even Ukraine and Russia would not have happened.

Leaders who have the ability that Trump has, one that gets them to convince others to blindly follow them at the drop of a hat, those kinds of people don’t come around often. Then again, we should be exceptionally grateful for that, and for the fact that we get to be alive in such an era. With it happening so rarely, it makes it all the more special by having four years of failure between administrations.

The kind of leader Trump has been is the exact kind the nation has needed again for nearly the last four years. Seeing it, living it, losing it, and now almost able to get it back, the American people are yearning for this change. Prosperity, being able to save for the future, and buying a house are all major things the average American could do when Trump was there before. Now we need a second dose, this time with a little more aggression to shake things up and dust the Democrats losing off from this proud nation.