Reparation Ideas From City-Appointed Reparations Committee Would Bankrupt the Country, Not Just CA Metropolis

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AndriiKoval / shutterstock.comLet’s start with some of the ideas that the city-appointed reparations committee has for San Francisco: • $5 million to every eligible adult • The elimination of all personal debt and tax burdens • Guaranteed incomes of at least $97,000 for 250 years • Homes in San Francisco for $1 per family That’s just a […]

People Aren’t Buying Fetterman’s Health Update

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ZB Photos / shutterstock.comAs you are likely aware, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is recovering in a hospital after first becoming very dizzy last month and then exhibiting signs of clinical depression. This, of course, was also after he suffered a severe stroke last year during the Democratic primaries in his state, which he won handily. So how is […]

Liberals Won’t Like This Message About Pregnancy and Body Image

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Troyan / shutterstock.comWhen we look around the world today, it’s easy to get swept away by worldly things and body images – after all; there are whole industries designed for that sole purpose. However, at least one young woman is reminded that not everything is about how we look and feel but rather our true purpose. Introducing […]

You Want Kids To Succeed? Make Them Take a Personal Finance Class

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goodluz / shutterstock.comAcross these great United States, every state has its own curriculum of what is important to teach kids. While the vast majority of courses like biology, US History, and English are cornerstones across the country, and up for minimal debate (save for CRT), there is much debate about how well this has prepared students for […]

Did Kamala Really Just Say That About Ukraine? – Watch!

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lev radin / shutterstock.comAnd the Vice President has done it again! How would you like to be one of her aids, it’s got to be at least a cringe-a-day job. Kamala Harris continues to have trouble with a spotlight on her. The 2020 campaign she ran did not even outlast Pete Buttigieg’s. She keeps having to run for […]

Court Victory for Charter Boat Captains Who No Longer Have to Let the Federal Government Spy on Them

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Tyler Olson / shutterstock.comThe US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals says that the federal government does NOT have the right to know your exact location on planet earth 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year without a valid warrant issued by a court. This was a huge relief to all commercial fishermen and […]

“Yankee Tax” is Proposed for Blue Staters Seeking Greener Pastures

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Watchara Ritjan / shutterstock.comThere’s a growing trend in the United States: as crime, taxes, and liberal initiatives continue to rise in blue states, residents by the thousands are seeking greener pastures only to be found in red states. But as those Republican-led states are finding out, all that growth is causing some problems. And so, one lawmaker is […]

Liz Cheney Gets a New Gig…

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Thinglass / shutterstock.comFormer Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney might be out of Congress. Still, apparently, she’s not done spewing her message on how the Trumps of the nation are threatening democracy. Now, she gets to teach young impressionable minds all about it. If you remember, Cheney was once one of the most prominent members of the Republican […]

Lawmakers Propose Bill to End Gay Marriage in This State

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Ground Picture / shutterstock.comWhen the Supreme Court overturned the infamous Roe v Wade last year, everyone took it as a sign that gay marriages might also be soon reversed in the U.S. And now, thanks to a group of Iowa Republican lawmakers, that seems to be in the works. According to NBC News, right GOP legislators in Iowa […]

Now the Trail Derailment is Trump’s Fault? That’s What Swalwell Says…

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Paul Hakimata Photography / shutterstock.comOver the years, we’ve seen a bevy of supposed faults and fails laid at former President Donald Trump’s feet. Most are about as ridiculous as trying to blame him for the recent train derailment in Ohio. And yes, that is exactly what one sour-faced Democrat is actually trying to do. It happened on Monday when […]