Terror Threat at All-Time High Thanks to Biden’s Border Policies

stoatphoto / shutterstock.com
stoatphoto / shutterstock.com

You heard it right, folks. The United States is staring down the barrel of the highest terrorist threat level we’ve ever seen. This isn’t some wild speculation or a hypothetical scenario anymore. It’s real, and it’s happening now. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) laid it all out during a recent interview with CBS News.

Rep. Turner didn’t mince words. He was asked about recent arrests of individuals linked to the ISIS terrorist group right here in the U.S. He pointed out that this surge in threats is a direct result of the current administration’s policies. According to Turner, “What’s important about these reports and what we’re seeing, especially in conjunction with [FBI] Director [Christopher] Wray’s public statements, is that we are at the highest level of a possible terrorist threat. The administration’s policies have directly related to threats to Americans.”

Turner stressed that these threats are now genuine and present, backed by statements from FBI Director Wray in multiple congressional meetings over the past six months. “We have actual administration officials stepping forward, and certainly, our committee and our committee members have concurred on the intelligence we’re seeing,” he told CBS. “As a result of the administration’s policies allowing people to cross the border unvetted, we have terrorists that are actively working within the United States that are a threat to Americans.”

Recent reports, citing unnamed U.S. officials, claim that at least eight Tajikistan nationals with alleged ties to ISIS were arrested in major cities like New York and Los Angeles. While we couldn’t independently verify these reports, the implications are clear: our homeland is at risk.

Adding fuel to the fire, on June 14, the U.S. Department of State and Turkey announced sanctions on three individuals with ties to ISIS, involved in a network facilitating travel into the United States. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) also expressed grave concern. In a letter to Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), he requested a classified briefing for all senators about ISIS threats. On June 12, he told Fox News, “I have never been more worried than I am right now about an attack on our homeland” following the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and lax border security.

Graham has been sounding the alarm for over two years about the risk of a 9/11-like attack on U.S. soil. And he’s not alone. Earlier this month, FBI Director Wray told a Senate committee that threats from foreign terrorists have escalated dramatically, especially after the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks in Israel, marking the beginning of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Wray stated, “Looking back over my career in law enforcement, I’d be hard-pressed to think of a time when so many different threats to our public safety and national security were so elevated all at once. But that is the case as I sit here today.” He emphasized the need for increased funding for the FBI to handle these threats.

Wray also referenced a deadly terrorist attack at a Moscow concert hall, claimed by ISIS-K, or Islamic State Khorasan. He warned, “We’ve seen a rogue’s gallery of foreign terrorist organizations call for attacks against Americans and our allies.” The potential for a coordinated attack on U.S. soil is “increasingly concerning,” akin to the ISIS-K attack in Russia.

This is the reality we’re facing, folks. The current administration’s failure to secure our borders has opened the door to terrorists. It’s not a matter of if but when. Our leaders must wake up and act before it’s too late. We can’t afford to ignore these threats any longer. The safety of every American depends on it.