The Swamp Wins: Mike Johnson Expects to Stay in Power Indefinitely

lev radin /
lev radin /

Mike Johnson has proven himself to be an even worse Republican Speaker of the House than Denny Hastert. That’s quite an accomplishment, considering Hastert went to prison for raping teenage boys. In the brief time that he’s been in the Speaker’s chair, Johnson has completely abandoned every conservative principle that Republicans are expected to adhere to. He’s formed a coalition government with the Democrats to pass everything on Joe Biden’s agenda. Despite all that, Johnson now says he expects to remain in power after the November elections.

Johnson will face down a motion to vacate the chair this week, but the outcome of that challenge is already known. Reps. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the Democrats’ current Minority Leader, Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), have already announced the Democrats will bail Johnson out. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a win-win to keep a backstabber like Johnson in power for the Democrats, at least for now.

For the rest of this year, the Democrats will be able to pass every single item on Joe Biden’s agenda, despite being in the minority. They own Mike Johnson. If he opposes anything that Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden wants, they can simply throw him under the bus. Johnson has willingly volunteered to be the Democrat Party’s prison shower buddy.

It’s also a victory for the Democrats because every time that Johnson betrays conservative principles between now and November, it will only further enrage and disenfranchise Republican voters. GOP voters will stay home in disgust this November since there’s no point in voting for “Republican” candidates who are going to fund Joe Biden’s endless wars, trans surgeries for children, abortions up until the moment of birth, and bans on gas-powered cars. The fact that Johnson stands there and claims that he’s doing all of this for Jesus only makes it more insulting.

Johnson, for his part, is clearly an idiot. He doesn’t realize the fate that awaits him at the end of this betrayal. The Democrats love it when Republican idiots fall for this—and they always fall for it. Just ask former disgraced Congressman Adam Kinzinger (D-IL).

Kinzinger became the new darling of the left when he betrayed President Donald Trump and his voters. The New York Times discovered a strange new respect for the “principled maverick” Kinzinger when he voted to impeach President Trump. Such backbone!

The left showered Kinzinger with praise when he sat on the January 6 Committee and cried and pretended that a mild election protest was a dangerous insurrection. The left used words like “heroic,” “principled,” and “virile” to describe him. It was the first time since the jocks stuffed him in a locker back in junior high that anyone had pretended to show Adam Kinzinger respect—and he loved it.

How did the Democrats repay Kinzinger for betraying his party? The same way that they always do. They destroyed him as soon as his usefulness ran out. Democrats eliminated Kinzinger’s congressional seat through redistricting in Illinois. He couldn’t have run for reelection even if he wanted to.

While the Democrats probably won’t get rid of Mike Johnson in the same way, they will find a way to destroy him—probably the second that they’re back in the majority. Why do these idiot Republicans always fail to see this coming? It happens every single time.

Johnson now expects to stay in charge as the head of House Republicans after the election. It’s infuriating, but he’s probably right. The Swamp always seems to win in the end.