Judge Rules Federal Ban on Handgun Sales for 18 to 20-Year-Olds Unconstitutional

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Nomad_Soul / shutterstock.comWe are considered adults at age 18. And yet, the Biden administration believes that doesn’t allow you to be able to purchase firearms. Thankfully, a federal judge just ruled differently. If you didn’t know it, Biden and his cohorts are after your freedoms, and your right to keep and bear arms is one of those. […]

Frantic White House Issues 23 Pages of “Fact Checks” for Impeachment Inquiry

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Orhan Cam / shutterstock.comIn September, fueled by mounting evidence proving corruption in the highest office in the land, then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy called for the House to begin the process of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. In record time, the White House created a 16-page “fact-checking” memo and circulated it to the media, demanding liberal news […]

Bank Investigator Flagged Biden Accounts as Money Laundering in 2018 

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simon jhuan / shutterstock.comAs further proof that the Biden family has enjoyed payouts from foreign entities, a newly released email from a bank official expressed his worries about wire transfers exceeding $2.9 million from a Chinese firm to Biden’s law firm, Owasco PC.   In 2018, a bank investigator tasked with identifying and preventing money laundering raised red flags […]

Car Dealers Beg Joe Biden to Quit with the Electric Vehicle Garbage Already — Americans Aren’t Buying

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Iryna Inshyna / shutterstock.comThe non-existent demand for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) has stalled out so badly that car dealers are now begging Joe Biden to abandon his insane Green New Deal. In a development that’s not surprising to anyone with common sense, American consumers have no interest in purchasing vehicles that only rich people can afford to own […]

McCarthy to Leave Congress After Being Ousted from Speakership?

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Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.comRumor has it former and ousted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is not transitioning well in his new role. Rumor also has it that he might be on his way out of Congress altogether. Now, to be clear, this is not a completely new speculation. Ever since he was cut from the speakership, there have been […]

Is Correlation Causation? Attacks on US Troops Down With Ceasefire

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Najmi Arif / shutterstock.comOn October 17th, the barrage of rockets and drones attacking US forces in Iraq and Syria began coming in. Since then, attacks have been consistent, but thankfully arriving with ample warning and little impact on troops safety-wise. Yet on November 23rd, the day before the Israel/Hamas ceasefire, the attacks stopped. Since then, they have stayed […]

Michelle Obama Joins Clintons and Biden on Air Force One – What Does it Mean?

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1000 Words / shutterstock.comIf you’ve heard the rumors, you know quite a few have speculated in recent months and weeks that Joe Biden will soon be replaced on the Democratic ticket by a much younger and more popular soul. One such name has been Michelle Obama – despite the fact that she’s said she wouldn’t want such a […]

Former WH Doctor Demands Biden Step Down

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Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.comAs I’m sure you’ve noticed, Democratic President Joe Biden is far past his prime. So much so that one former White House doctor says he is putting the entire nation and security at risk. According to Texas Republican and Representative Ronny Jackson, Biden is simply no longer fit for office. And things will only get […]

Mitt Romney Finally Admits His True Allegiance

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a katz / shutterstock.comIf you know much about Utah Senator Mitt Romney, it’s likely that he’s not much of a team player. And now, he’s just admitted to only playing for himself. It happened during a recent interview with CBS’ Norah O’Donnell. Naturally, the two discussed the upcoming 2024 presidential election and who Romney’s preferred candidates may be. […]

Better Late Than Never? Kamala Harris Thinks the Biden Campaign Should Start “Earning” Reelection 

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Maverick Pictures / shutterstock.comIt’s less than a year from the 2024 election, and President Joe Biden’s polling has reached a new low. Recently, Biden’s poll numbers hit a record-low approval rating of 40 percent for President Biden, and former President Donald Trump is reportedly edging ahead of the incumbent by 2 percent.   Especially alarming to the Biden campaign […]

Apparently, Incest and Sexual Abuse Are Part of the Book of Mormon

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J.D.S / shutterstock.comWhile stories of sexual abuse are deeply seeded in the roots of the church, it seems that when these stories cross borders and oceans, it’s from the Catholic Church. This time, though, the Daily Mail (DM) has uncovered a massive case of corruption and coverups with the Mormons. With incest and sexual abuse at the […]

This Thug Exemplifies Why LA Has a Crime Issue

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Jack Quillin / shutterstock.comIt’s easy to read about Democratic policies and understand why they don’t work. Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon says that he has “unwavering dedication” to provide justice for victims and families, but that’s just something that he says to get votes. In reality, he runs one of the most lenient crime policies in the […]

Paul Pelosi Hammer Attacker Wanted to Interview Nancy While Wearing an Inflatable Unicorn Costume

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Melanie Lemahieu / shutterstock.comWe all knew that something weird was happening up in the Chateau de Pelosi last year when a crazy guy armed with a hammer slipped by Nancy’s round-the-clock Capitol Police surveillance, got into the house, and got up to some sort of shenanigans with Paul Pelosi. When the cops finally showed up on that bizarre […]

Adams Has Deeper Ties with Turkey Than Previously Known 

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Ron Adar / shutterstock.comJust days before Thanksgiving, the political heat in New York City is turning up on Mayor Eric Adams. With a political history “stuffed” with ties to Turkey, controversy fills the air, calling into question Adams’ potential complicity in illegal campaign financing for his 2021 mayoral bid.  Adams abruptly left Washington D.C. on November 2, just […]

When Biden Thinks Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than Crack, We Know We Need To Support It

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Craig F Scott / shutterstock.comPresident Biden’s time in office has been filled with mixed messages for the people, but it’s the responses from his Department of Justice (DOJ) that are mind-boggling. In a report released on November 15th, the group is backing a ban on firearms for those who use marijuana. Filing a brief with the Third Circuit Court […]