Judge Orders NYC to Deport Illegal Aliens from a Staten Island School

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WINDCOLORS / shutterstock.comA Staten Island judge has sided with Republicans who had sued to get hundreds of illegal aliens deported from an empty school in their neighborhood. The judge agreed that the illegal aliens have to go somewhere—just not in his own neighborhood. More than 110,000 illegal aliens have shown up in New York City in the […]

Ramaswamy Advocates for Deportation of Anchor Babies Along With Illegal Parents, What’s the Controversy? 

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Juli Hansen / shutterstock.comImmigration reform and securing the nation’s borders against further invasion are hot-button topics Republican candidates face moving into the 2024 presidential election. An August 2023 poll, conducted by the Center Square Voter’s Voice, revealed that 82% of voters from both Republican and Democratic voting bases are concerned with the chaos at the border.  Vivek Ramaswamy, […]

West Coast to Experience “Renewable” Energy When the Sun Goes Dark

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buradaki / shutterstock.comIt’s no secret that the US and several state governments are attempting to transition us all to “renewable” energy sources such as wind, sun, and water. But what happens when the sun doesn’t shine? Well, California is about to find out… If you haven’t heard, an annular solar eclipse is just around the corner. It’s […]

Questioning Higher Education? Colgate University Discusses Trans Menstruation and Gay Animals…Yikes

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Feel good studio / shutterstock.comImagine sending your kid to college. You saved for years to make sure that you could afford their tuition. Then, when you find out about their first day and the lecture given by the school, you want to ask for an immediate refund. Perhaps even demand that your child find a different school to attend. […]

Newsom Takes Time Out to Defend Hunter Biden

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Amir Aziz / shutterstock.comIn a recent press conference, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom defended Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, amid growing controversy over his professional and private life. Critics claim that the governor’s unwavering support for the president’s son calls into question his integrity and judgment. The younger Biden has been accused of corruption and using […]

Report: FBI Lost Track of How Many Feds It Had in the January 6 Crowd

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lev radin / shutterstock.comThe mostly peaceful January 6 protests in 2021 at the nation’s Capital were crawling with so many violent provocateurs that the FBI couldn’t even keep track of all of them. That’s according to former assistant FBI Director Steven D’Antuono, who testified behind closed doors to Congress this week and who used to be in charge […]

$33 Trillion in Debt Marks Another Historic Biden Milestone 

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William Potter / shutterstock.comWith record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrants pouring across the border, near-record inflation, and his May 2023 approval rating dropping lower than any other first-term president in U.S. history, President Joe Biden has once again achieved a historical landmark: the highest national debt ever seen in the United States.   National debt began to climb in the […]

No, Trump’s Not Worried About Going to Jail at All

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DannyOliva / shutterstock.comFor most of us, the threat of going to jail or spending even a minimal amount of time behind bars is enough to have us change course. However, the same danger doesn’t seem to be a threat at all for former President Donald Trump. Or at least that’s what he recently told NBC’s “Meet the […]

Coast Guard Called in to Stop Oakland’s New Sea Pirate Problem

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Denis---S / shutterstock.comThe woke San Francisco Bay area has deteriorated so badly that they suddenly have a high seas piracy problem in the Oakland Estuary. We were hoping that some king from a faraway land would begin issuing Letters of Marque to begin hunting the scurvy dogs down, but no such luck. They’re sending in the US […]

The Cost of a Life? $11k According to Seattle Officer

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VDB Photos / shutterstock.comWe don’t typically assign values to lives. If someone dies, there’s no way to measure how much their life meant – especially to their loved ones. Sure, some in Hollywood would argue that their hair, their mustache, or even their rear should be insured for $1 million or more, but that’s just insane. In Seattle, […]

It’s a Start – Hunter Indicted on Three Gun Charges

shutterstock.comThe vast majority of the American people play along with the laws and rules of this great nation, even when it pains us. All while people like Hunter Biden have been allowed to walk around doing whatever they want and breaking countless laws in the process. Now those laws are finally starting to catch up […]

FBI Admits It Has Tons of Additional Memos Targeting Christians as Terrorists

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AR30MM Ariel Ruff / shutterstock.comA lawsuit has revealed the fact that the FBI has more than 1,200 pages of documents related to targeting “radical traditionalist” Catholics and Christians as potential domestic terrorists. Remember when FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the House Judiciary Committee that the one memo that was leaked to Congress a few months ago was an […]

Biden Says He Plans to “Increase the Number & Intensity of Extreme Weather Events”

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solarseven / shutterstock.comJoe Biden has said the quiet part out loud again. During his unwanted remarks in Florida last week, in the wake of Hurricane Idalia, Biden announced that his administration was going to cause even more extreme weather events and that they would be more intense than the ones we’ve already seen this year. Maybe it’s […]

Now Biden Claims He Was at Ground Zero the Day After the 9/11 Attacks

shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden has come into his own as President. Sadly for the American people, his moments of senility where he loses his ability to communicate, remember his wife, sniff kids, or lie about the past are his greatest hits. Yet his latest lie puts all other lies, embellishments, and overstatements to shame. Spending the […]

And People Wonder Why It’s Easier to Shop Online, Nike Offers Reason

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Tada Images / shutterstock.comOnline retail sales increase with every passing year – and it’s easy to see why. You don’t have to worry about an item being out of stock, you don’t have to wait in lines to check out, and the entire process is just easier. We see the result of online retail sales around every city, […]