Can’t Help Himself: McCarthy Commits His First Self-Own as Speaker

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HorizonUI / shutterstock.comKevin McCarthy has done a fairly good job so far as Speaker of the House. He booted Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell off the Intelligence Committee, and then verbally curb-stomped an idiot reporter who challenged him on it. He formed committees to investigate the weaponization of the federal government and Chinese spying in the US. […]

Biden’s Secretary of Energy Just As Clueless About Gas As He Is

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ALDECA studio / shutterstock.comLittle-seen Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm is being thrust into the spotlight to answer to the never-ending rise in energy costs. With gas as one of the main focuses, she stood at the podium to answer questions about what Americans should expect in the coming months for energy. As everything else continues to shoot up, […]

U.S. Has Already Hit New Debt Ceiling… Here’s What it Means for You

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urfin / shutterstock.comIf you weren’t aware, the United States has not been doing very well financially for some time. And no, I’m not just talking about the stock market and how it’s been in the dumps since COVID-19 and its subsequent pandemic. Instead, I’m talking about the nation’s national debt problem. As anyone with debt knows, the […]

Elites Don’t Want Vaccinated Airplane Crews After All

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G-Stock Studio / shutterstock.comRemember when pretty much everyone who worked in the travel industry had to wear masks and had to be vaccinated or else? Hell, even passengers had to adhere to such ridiculous rules. And anyone who didn’t was either fired, kicked off the plane, or completely called out for their supposed trespasses. Thankfully, those days a […]

What’s Really Behind Food Plant Fires

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sandyman / shutterstock.comYou might have heard that there’s been a number of fires at US food production plants around the country over the last couple of years, causing disastrous results to both our economy and our supply chain. At first glance, most of us would likely assume that these are just random occurrences, having nothing to do […]

Catholic Diocese Enacts 7 Gender Identity Policies

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Thoranin Nokyoo / shutterstock.comWe’ve all undoubtedly heard a lot in recent years and months about gender identity and the rise of transgenderism. For those in the church, we generally understand that this is not exactly a godly thing. But how are we supposed to deal with those in our communities, circle of friends, or families dealing with gender […]

DOJ Let Biden’s Lawyers Search for Stolen Classified Docs with No FBI Oversight

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Naeblys / shutterstock.comIt’s only a matter of time now before Joe Biden will be shuffled out to pasture, so he can wander around in a nice bathrobe and slippers while feeding the ducks and trying to remember his name. Not that he’ll be going to jail over his stolen classified documents scandal. We already know he’ll never […]

Did Hunter Biden Funnel Money Through Rent for Joe’s Delaware Home?

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Fedorov Oleksiy / shutterstock.comTake a look at what Hunter Biden is trying to get America to believe now. The president’s son claimed he paid $49,910 a month to live at President Joe Biden’s Delaware residence. This is the same house where classified documents were discovered in the garage. In a file labeled “background screening test,” a document shows […]

Japanese Doctors Baffled Why So Many Vaccinated People Are Dying Suddenly

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Robert Kneschke / shutterstock.comJapan is now going through the worst wave of COVID deaths since the pandemic initially escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China, sometime around October 2019. This is a bizarre outcome. Especially when you consider that Japan is now one of the most heavily vaccinated and boosted countries in the world. Here we have another […]

Why Gun Owners Continue to Fight for Second Amendment Rights

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Daniel Tadevosyan / shutterstock.comOur Second Amendment rights are under attack. Why? Because when one person uses a gun illegally, the liberal government wants to penalize everyone. We’ve known for a while that there are people who don’t follow the rules. They will kill innocent people because they have the desire to do so…and because they are mentally ill. […]